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2018 review & 2019 goals (part 1)


2018: This was a great starter year for me.

I managed to get over 3,700 views on my blog and I finally went self-hosted early in the year. Although I stopped being a book blogger, I expanded my blog to lifestyle with the occasional book-related post & that felt more real to me. I also talked about libraries which is a big part of my life due to volunteering – the more exposure to library cuts the better, I say!

2019: The year I hit over 5,000 views?

This year I want to continue writing content and keep challenging myself to see what I’m actually capable of. I want to celebrate 2 years of blogging in May & to get better at other blog related things; such as going to my first blog meet up & learning to use my camera for photos!


2018: The great reading slump! (SAD FACE)

The last year was a terrible year for me. Not only did I not read anything for the last six months of 2018, but I also lost the Goodreads challenge in the 2nd year I had taken part. Say no more.

2019: I want to aim high & succeed.

This year I have set my Goodreads reading challenge to a reasonable 30 books throughout the year. I’m hoping to pick back up my reading habits I formed when I first started volunteering at my local library in 2017. I love reading and want to make it a habit and hobby again in 2019.


2018: I pushed & succeeded

This will go down in my head as the year I pushed boundaries, both with friends and my social calendar. I opened myself up to going to new places and exploring my comfort zone – a few times in Cardiff centre and a few new places such as Caerphilly for a food festival & even my area for a small musical festival (thanks to my underlying anxiety, I am nervous going to places I am unfamiliar with, or do not know how to get to or back from!)

2019: Carry on pushing myself

I am hoping to finally get over my fear of travel and visit London for the Harry Potter museum. I wished to go last year but nerves of being in a different place got the best of me. I want to book a holiday to Europe for 2020, which will be the 2nd time in my life (but this time on my own, not via a school trip in 2006) & that will be with a friend or one of my parents. I also want to use my camera I haven’t mastered yet to see if I can take AMAZING photos.


What’re your 2019 goals? did You manage to complete your 2018 goals?


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