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My 2019 blogging Goals (Part 2)

It’s that time again when you need to figure out the next year. Here are some of my goals I hope I will able to achieve throughout the next year (2019).

  1. Continue visiting new places
  2. Blog more often and consistently
  3. See friends and family more often
  4. Get back into reading (15 books +)
  5. Study a subject I love
  6. Carry on Italian lessons
  7. Get 1,000 followers on my blog
  8. Get 6,000 views on my blog
  9. Get 2k followers on Twitter
  10. Create and make photos for online
  11. Goto some blogger events (2+)
  12. Create blogger friendships online

I aim to:

To plan posts in advance: This is as simple as it seems. I hope to plan out posts months in advance so when I need to upload I will have lots of content.

To be consistently posting: This was tied to my previous goal. I want to b always posting on a particular day and every week for the whole of 2019.

To re-try Italian Fridays: I originally planned this in 2017 but never went through with it. I hope to create new content monthly and with different topics.

To start food & drink posts: food & drink is close to my heart and I feel that with this blog I may finally have a way of talking about local places & products I like.

To continue reading: I feel that I should continue what I started with book reviews & keep reading in my spare time. It is also good for the brain (I want to read over 15 books in the next year, maybe a lot more!).

To continue at the library: As I have been there for just under 2 years now. I think it’d be a good to carry on helping a local charity, and good cause, that is my library.

To carry on learning Italian: I want to be able to converse & write a basic conversation in the language & continue the course until it finishes in March.

I hope you enjoyed reading my 2019 goals. I wonder what yours are. Also, did you stick to your 2018 goals?


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