Becoming an Author

Never in my wildest dreams, did I ever think I would start writing. I thought it was too hard, complex & tiring… but then one day in 2019, I started to write and I was good… Really Good! Although currently, I do not have any published or finished books, I’m really enjoying the process, but struggling to think of a pen name. Below there is a list and description of my current works in progress. If I become published I will create a separate website, but for now… this will have to do!

Love, Danielle. x.


Louis Lion (Fiction)

A story about an old man’s life and memories.

Links - A blog post preview: HERE

The Patient (Fiction)

A story about: a boys journey through mental health.

The Dark Man (Fiction)

A crime story about: love, gang culture and death.

Links - A blog post preview: HERE, & 1st Chapter (.PDF file): HERE!

The … Family Adventures (Fiction)

Children’s series, in the style of Enid Blyton’s series. 
(FACT: She was my favourite author while growing up)


“All works mentioned above are subject to copyright law, they are all works of fiction written by Danielle, myself, alone and can not be recreated. All works are unfinished, unpublished & unedited, as of writing (2019). If interested in works – please feel free to contact me.”



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