Blog Apology in 2018.

This is a short post explaining my reasons behind why this blog has not been updated recently.

As you may have noticed. This blog has been neglected recently by me (Danielle) because I decided to go on an internet break this summer. I intend to update this blog regularly again from September 2018.

I feel now is the time to tell you I have enrolled on my second (one last year) course in Italian language and start in late September. I am hoping to cover some of my experiences online. I am also hopefully in the process of applying for my first job at 27 years old. This may also be mentioned on my blog. I will continue to document my experiences in the library for as long as I carry on volunteering.

Favourites, IE book reviews, will be back in September full time and I am thinking of taking part in a summer reading challenges, such as booktubeathon – as a blog post, and other stuff.


Dear Readers, I want to take this time to apologise for not writing enough content recently and also for all my readers who have stayed through this hard patch. As I am not a lifestyle blogger I do not want to delve into my private life but I will say that mental health is important and you need to treat yourself well. If my blog was a problem for me I would certainly decide whether it is time for me to shut down my laptop and close my blog. Luckily Now is not the time to do that, but I did need a little break and “ME” time without the worry of writing posts or replying to emails and tweets ..or anything online!


Thank you for reading & I look forward to your comments of support.

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