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Exciting New Blog Changes in 2019.

This blog is going to experience big changes as of 2019. I felt it was time to add more content and topics close to my heart. The topics I am going to add to my blog include Italy, Food & drink. I think you will love it!

The reason behind this move is that I felt books are not a big enough part of my life. I love days out with food & drink. I am also learning the Italian language so thought it would be ideal to talk about on my blog.

I go out quite often and feel that my readers would love me to document my experiences in various restaurants and cafes in Wales, mainly Cardiff and surrounding areas. Since turning 25 I have discovered a love of food and am always on the lookout for new places to eat as well as my favourites. I feel it would be interesting to share these places with you & tell you about their menus so that if you are ever visiting Cardiff or surrounding areas you will know of some places to eat out. If you feel your cafe or restaurant/cafe/bar is a place that I would like to visit please don’t hesitate to ask me to visit and try it – I am open to collaborations & sponsored posts.

Not only will I write posts on places, but I will also do reviews on food and drink products that I have received or bought myself. That could mean a pasta dish to a new frying pan – If you feel your product is something I would like to use and review, please do not hesitate to email me and I will do collaborations or sponsored posts.

I decided Italy & the Italian language has interested me for the last two years. I have always loved food and drink from Italy and looked into the country itself recently. I have also fallen in love with the language and currently learning it at level 1 (beginner). I hope in the future to be able to speak the language & one day I will live there, I am not sure on whether it will be in Southern or Northen yet – this will be after visiting enough times.

PS.I don’t know if you have noticed I have changed the blog header? Also, did you know you can now view my blog on 3 separate URLs (incl. & This is because all my social media is under the username WBooksnThoughts across all formats (ie Instagram & Twitter).

As this is a new venture for me please can you say in the comments whether you
will enjoy reading about these ideas and topics I intend to talk about on my blog? 

I hope you enjoy these changes & thanks for your support!

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