[REVIEW] Alice in Wonderland- Lewis Carroll

A classic children’s fairytale that spanned the ages.

This is a book that when you approach it you have to bear in mind that it is aimed at children so the writing style is different to what you would expect in an adult book.

It is an interesting tale of how Alice (a young girl) fell down a rabbit hole while chasing a white rabbit who was “late”. Alice goes on a journey to find the rabbit and meets some peculiar people and animals on the way.

This book is enchanting to read and a quick read too. The repetition of the word curious throughout the book reminds us that it is for a young audience. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the book I did not get time to read the second book in the series “Through the Looking Glass” that is included in the same book.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, I would to children and adults alike. It is a book for people who want to forget the real world exists and escape into fantasy.


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