bruises and pain,

Hello everyone,

This is an unusual post – as I’m doing it as a letter to you.

Unless you have been following me on twitter (@dmcdowall129) you won’t have realised that this week on Tuesday I clumsily tripped over and now I’m sore and aching all over.

This is just a quick post to say right now how eye-opening it is to realise there are millions of people out there who live with pain all day every day and never complain!

I fell from ground level and I’m only 5 ft. 2. Although it doesn’t sound that bad I have been seriously sore ever since. I couldn’t contemplate how anyone could go through this on a daily basis or live with it. I have no found a great deal of respect for people who have been diagnosed with conditions such a fibromyalgia (here is the Wikipedia link for anyone who wants more information —> wanna know more?)

For those who are suffering every day, my heart goes out – you are strong people.
If anyone says anything negative to you – just think how well you are coping with life.

With Love,a47c970a-03e4-4f70-bab2-3d8c8a3a86a8PS. Let me know if you like this “personal” type post and I might do more like it.

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