Ideas for drinks while reading.

Hello all, as with most people in the bookish community I enjoy curling up to read a good book with a drink. I believe that reading, whether on a Kindle, Laptop or physical book, you should always have a good drink to keep you reading all day or night. This is a list of my top favourite bookish drinks, both non-alcoholic & alcoholic…

English Tea: 

I love a good cup of traditional Tea. I find you can have a nice cup of tea any time of the day or night and always goes down well piping hot with a lump of white sugar.

Strong Coffee:

I love Coffee early in the morning. It is a drink I like when I want a pick me up or to cheer me up. I like it with 2 lumps of sugar or a certain brand of Latte (this post is not sponsored!).

Hot chocolate:

This is ideal for me when it is cold and winter outside. It warms me up and goes well with a nice book on a rainy day. I only tend to drink hot chocolate when the weather is bad.

White Wine:

As you may already know, I love all things Italian food and drink. White wine is great on a spring day when the weather is crisp – just like the cold glass of wine from the fridge.

Pink Gin:

Since summer 2018 I have LOOOVED a tall glass of Pink Gin with Lemonade or tonic. There is something about it that screams “Summer is here” and I love the taste of it cold too.

I hope you like this list and enjoy reading with a drink too.

What is your favourite beverage?

Do you prefer it Hot or Cold? Pop/Soda or Alcohol?
To drink in Autumn, Summer, Spring or Winter? 

Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Ianthe

    I love reading in the sun with some pink gin by my side 🙂 The problem with drinking while reading is that sometimes I get so caught up in the story I forget I have a drink and my hot drinks get cold.

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