My relationship with Languages, 2018

I was not sure if I wanted to share this as it is my personal struggle with foreign languages!

I have always had a love-hate relationship with languages, I am from and brought up in Wales (UK) and it is custom to be taught basic welsh throughout schools whether it be at, beginner level in English speaking or fluent in Welsh-speaking schools.

I never liked learning welsh & luckily I was in an English-speaking school. I dropped out of school at 16 to try college instead of A Levels. This meant I never had to ever learn Welsh again.

Throughout my teens, I picked the choice to learn French for GCSE level (and passed with a C. I loved learning that language and fully immersed myself in the role of a French lady in lessons.

A few years went on & we as a class visited France and I had a really bad time there, not because of the place or language but because I was with people I did not want to be there (typical teenage angst if you get my drift?) and because I left school at 16 I suddenly stopped learning languages and started a BTEC which I went on to fail due to mental health and personal reasons which I do not want to go into.

Roll on 2017, I was stuck in a rut and wanted a change in my life and discovered my local adult learning was doing courses in foreign languages. This course does not progress academically – it is for people who want to immerse themselves in the language & ideal for those who want to travel.

I found French and thought I did not want to go back to basics, after completing a GCSE in the subject a whole decade before, so decided on learning a completely new language – Italian.

A year on and I am still fascinated by the subject & want to learn it more in depth than before, however recently I have done a 360 in my thoughts and decided I want to revisit French again. It was my 2nd favourite subject growing up & I loved the language at the time. I am now in a position that I am able to revisit French and Italian via online apps as well as adult learning.

I did look into A Levels, Degrees and other such things but I am happy where I am and learning at this pace & locally. In the future, from 2020 on, I am hoping to travel to Europe, in particular, Italy.  As you know from previous posts I am in love with the country & want to fully immerse myself in the language, food, drinks, cities & famous attractions, although I am yet to visit. I am hoping to have a lot of visits from 2020 on. Also, now that I am also starting back up my French studies in the next year, I am hoping that I will maybe travel to France again, be able to speak some of the country’s language & have a good trip this time around with people I trust.

I hope this story motivates others to re-think going back to a language and also if they are struggling whether it be that subject or others to keep going. I am grateful to have support via adult learning to accomplish learning a language locally but I know others may not be so lucky. I will not give up on my goals. At some point in the future, I plan to write some blog posts in both French or Italian & be bi-lingual in both, within 5-10 years (hopefully!)

Aur Revoir Ami – Arrive, Derci Amici – Goodbye Friends

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