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Life Update… & why I stopped studying

Life in general is going well, except worrying about Covid-19.

I have been on hiatus with book blogging but trying to get myself back into blogging and reading again, which I love. I am still volunteering at my local community library once a week for a few hours and honestly enjoying being out the house and meeting people there.

Speaking of books I am still in the process of starting writing my novels. Unfortunately I did not partake in NANOWRIMO this year as I like to take my time while writing. For all the previews of my WIP – they are on my other page: Previous Work or Online Articles. Why not have a look? I am looking for encouragement; on which WIP I should carry on with first!

Last September I went to a library run event and watch a lovely tribute act of Michael Bublé. In the summer months, there was a lovely sit-down afternoon tea event with sandwiches and scones. Both events were roughly 3 house long and with the evening Bublé event, I had to leave early as I was tired but I had free attendance due to it being a raffle prize that I won tickets.

As you are all aware, in the last two years I have been learning Italian. I loved going to classes, I loved learning the language and the company was great. Sadly, that had to come to an end in September 2019 for me, due to the course changing to much. The day, time and tutor changed, and I was struggling just before summer to keep up with my fellow class-mates – mainly due to them being able to practice on holiday between lessons and I could not.

Over the next few months I am hoping to get back into blogging and reading again, like I used to over a year ago. For every life update post, I will update you on what books I am reading…

  • The Stand – Stephen King (1000+ pages)
  • A game of thrones – George rr Martin

I hope we have bonded again as I feel like I have neglected this blog for months now and it needs to be sorted. I love blogging I have been on the blogging scene, on and off, for over 8 years now. I have not used my old blog in over 7 years and this blog has been running well for 3 years, in May 2020.

If there is any content that you miss me writing, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments!

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