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My Dream Future (a day in the life)

I have been thinking about my life and how it seems to be going well recently, however, don’t we all think of our perfect life & what dreams we have for the future if you could change it…

My perfect ideal day would go just like this…

I wake up to my husband saying it is a weekend and we have the day to ourselves. We go downstairs to the smell of bacon and a breakfast being cooked. We sit at the table and eat our food with a glass of orange juice each, maybe apple juice instead.

We look at the local paper and social media which shows what events are on. We decide to go shopping in the local city or small village, then go over a friend of ours house to catch up with a coffee. we sit with them for a few hours and discuss our jobs (mine being a full-time blogger).

After this, we go somewhere scenic where I can take photos for my blog. If we don’t go somewhere scenic my husband & I go for a walk in a nearby pretty park. We treat each other to a lovely evening meal in a local restaurant & I write notes again to go on my blog.

It is now dark and we are sat in the back garden saying how he doesn’t want to go back to work tomorrow and how I don’t want to spend the day alone blogging at home.

Did I mention our dogs, we have 1 french bulldog & 1 Rottwieller. They were both bought before we got married and are 5 years old. We are in our 30s and life can’t get better. The dogs are curled up inside by the electric fire while we watch TV with a glass of wine or gin cuddled up on the sofa.

Did I tell you where we live? Its a villa in Italy on the coast with a lovely garden & views that stretch over the coastline & sea-front. It isn’t always sunny but it never seems like winter. We speak to all the locals and they love chatting with us & tell us all the stories of locals and tourists in the area.

Finally, we go up to bed, kiss & then get changed into night clothes & fall asleep content.

* Spoiler - This is not my real life! (...but is my dream future) *

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