Review Policy

I am from Wales (UK) & accept – books, candles, Tea & Coffee, DVDs, journals & stationary. 

“If you are a company looking to promote products or looking for a sponsored post, please contact me – I write interesting reviews which say if a company has reached out to me.”

If you give me a product to try, that does not influence my review. I will use the product and review it as if I bought it myself. I withhold the right to not review products sent.

Where can I contact you?

Email: || Tweet: @danmarie129.



Fiction in ebook or paperback:

  • Action & Adventure
  • Detective
  • Mystery
  • Thriller
  • Young Adult

Non-fiction in paperback or hardback:

  • Italian (language guide)
  • Country (Italy/Sicily) guides
  • Cookery/Cookbooks (If I like the product)
  • Food-related (If I like the product)
  • History facts (see topics below)
  • TV/Film related (If I like the product)


  • Films: I will watch from 1980-present – NO HORROR.
  • History Documentaries: Ancient Rome & Victorians.
  • Lifestyle Documentaries: Italy, Wales & Great Britain.

(An example – Film: “Lord of the Rings” | Documentary: “Italy Unpacked”).