Quick update…

On my phone again guys.. yes I know it’s becoming a regular thing recently. Sorry. Soo, I just want to update you to say I’ve been having this major external crisis about whether I’m a good book blogger (obvs I am but ya know!) and it’s made me hit a reading slump. 

For all you who don’t know what a reading slump is. It’s when you to put it blunt can’t be bothered to read and it’s really negative. 

Anyway I just want to reassure you that I’m still active on the bookish community and I intend to read all my review copies (5 of them) by November hopefully and maybe get some more!! 

Allll the best & happy read/reviewing!


  • divabooknerd

    I feel as though I go through the same blogging crisis every few months. I still enjoy reading but after almost five years of blogging, it can become a little stale and hard to find the motivation. What usually pulls me out is either a new logo or a blog makeover, even posting about your favourite books and connecting with others who’ve read them as well. It’s my first visit here and really enjoying your content, the mixture of tags, reviews and discussions is wonderful <3

  • Darque Dreamer Reads

    I think you are a great book blogger and slumps happen! Don’t feel bad! I get mini slumps where I go days without picking up a book and then have to play catchup with review requests. Just take the time you need and come back when you are ready! <3 Maybe pickup a funny book to read. I have Jackaby and My Lady Jane saved for my next slump.

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