Reading; 3 books at a time?

Right, this is just a short post.

I am currently reading about 3 books at once. The pros and cons of this are pretty much this – if you’re reading 3 books and you are doing a reading challenge then you’re going to achieve it a hell of a lot quicker than pacing yourself at one book per read.

The other side is that maybe when you read more than 2 books at a time you end up not being able to keep track of where you are in the book, and forget key details as you are too busy remembering the other books details.

It also feels like it takes longer to read but in honesty you’re probably going to skip details or not take it all in, like you would with one book at a time. No distractions then. That is just a brief generalisation on reading more than one book.

Feel free to give me your thoughts. Do you read 1 book or more than 1 at a time?


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