Update on Study,

It’s that time again to update my blog. I don’t know if you know but I intend to make this blog a bit more personal, and about me not just about book reviews. 

What’s the latest in my life you might ask, well I’m guessing you heard about me enrolling in a home learning course but today is the first day I finally got round to reading some of my study material… well the first part of the unit. I’ve done some fab notes and happy with my progress so far. 

The next step is to read one of the two set texts, which in my case is Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde, and make some notes.

I don’t yet know how I’m going to structure my essays for marking and critical advice but I’ll see how I feel when I see the first question. For now I’m going to just focus on note taking and mind maps this month. 

To say I’m nervous about my studying and constantly asking if I’m doing it right but I have to acknowledge how much I am enjoying it even though I can tell it’s going to be hard work. 

Hope you enjoyed my little ramble. 

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