Work with me/partnerships

If you are looking to promote products or a sponsored post, get in touch – I write posts which go across social media channels & I will always say if a company has reached out.



Anything that I write is my personal opinion. All products are purchased by me unless otherwise stated. Where a product has been sent to me, for review, I will say in the post (by stating it’s been #ad or *gifted). Sent products will not change my opinion.

Affiliate links are disclosed in each blog post that is relevant. Affiliate links mean that I earn a small commission per click through the link. if you click on a link and make a purchase within 30 days. The commission is the % I receive but you will not get charged extra. Affiliate links will not change my thoughts but I steer towards products that I like.

If I have posts that are sponsored, I mention it. ‘collaborations’ or ‘partnered’ posts mean that I have received payment from a brand to write that content online. Due to new laws online, all products received for review will include “#AD” or “*GIFTED” at the top of any posts.

Please Note: I only post on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, tiktok or Facebook. If you want to tag, reply or mention me on any social media, please use @dmcdowall129″.

How can I contact you?

Please tweet @dmcdowall129, or use my email. I also have a business mobile number if routinely committed to partnering up with you, or your brand/product (blog posts, tweets etc).