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This blog was made by Danielle on WordPress.com, 15th May 2017.

About the blogger.

I’m Danielle. I am 28¬†years-old¬†&¬†volunteer at my local Library, as I’m currently out of work. ¬†I have a 17-year-old rescue cat, who I love to bits & is my world. I enjoy days out with friends,¬†learning Italian with others & I’m always looking to try something new. Although I’m classed as disabled, I don’t let that limit me, well I don’t think I do? View my FAQ here.

I’m a country girl at heart and never lived more than a year in the city, before gladly coming back home, honestly, it doesn’t suit me one bit. One day, if I am able to, my ultimate dream is for me and someone close, to travel to Italy & France. I’m studying Criminal Psychology but decided against University. Instead, I hope to become a published¬†Author. I also love strong coffee and nice food, which¬†I hope to share with you, as I continue tweeting & blogging.

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About this blog:

W Books n Thoughts has become a way to write about anything; from books to¬†food and everything in between such as Languages & Libraries.¬†I quickly found out I want to write on a¬†broader topic range & towards the end of 2018, the site had a facelift. In case you were interested W B n T has a new domain, which co-exists with all of this blog’s social media

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