Previous Work & Volunteering

Here is a reference list of all my past work, volunteering & writing. Chronologically listed.

Library work:

  • Library Assistant: 2017-2020
  • Library Assistant: 2022-

Pdf of library functions: click here

Work Experience:

  • Admin Assistant at Wales Millenium Centre – August 2007
  • Youth Worker Assistant (Volunteering) – January 2009-2010
  • Library Admin/Shelving Assistant – 2017-2020, April 2022-

All work was for free, or classed as volunteering. No money was paid & it was weekly work.




“Since 2017, I have designed my own website/blog from scratch – menu placement & widget placement, But I did however use a pre-made free WordPress theme. I have created the header & other logos throughout WB&T. All writing on each page/post is my own. Everything you see on WB&T has been created by me unless otherwise stated. Most photos used in posts are from the free stock website Unsplash or created using CANVA. *I own the rights to all creative content.

#AD* The technical & security features have been provided by my fabulous friend in IT called Matthew Gall – he works in a company called Cloudflare.”

Book Reviews:
  1. An example of my book review on WBnT HERE.
  2. An example of my book review on WBnT HERE.
  3. An example of my book review on WBnT HERE.


“All book reviews on this site are honest and my own words. I was not paid for any review but did receive some of the books for free, in return for my honest review. This is said clearly on each individual review, in which this system took place.” – Danielle.



  • 2003-13: Poetry Collection (finished, unpublished)
  • 2012-? : 1 × Edmund Charles (unfinished)
  • 2018-? : 1 × The Patient (unfinished)
  • 2019-? : 3 × The Dark Man” Trilogy” (unfinished)
  • 2020-? : 1 × “play 1” (unfinished)
  • 2021-? : “Children’s Adventure series” (unfinished)


“All works mentioned above are subject to copyright law, they are all works of fiction written by Danielle, myself, alone and can not be recreated. All works are unpublished & unedited, as of this current year (2019). If interested in works – please feel free to contact me.”