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    Monthly Wrap up – January 2021

    This month has been a pretty interesting one. I have had two ZOOMs with my best friends and a birthday in the family. Also I binged the entire boxset of SKINS (E4/UK series) & organized my diary into 4 categories using coloured highlighters. Watching TV series (SKINS): I forgot how much I loved watching that series when it came out on E4 (UK Channel). I don’t want to write too much about this topic as I am going to write a blog post dedicated to SKINS later in the year. DIARY & ORGANISATION: As many regulars of this blog will tell you, I am terrible with the organization. I decided…

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    New Years Resolutions 2021

    One of the things I always forget to do, is make a New Years Resolutions and even when I do make them, I nearly always forget to fulfil it. So as a fresh start in 2021, I am going to write it down on this blog so I can’t wimp out. Here are all my goals for this year… KEEP UP WITH CLEANING & TIDYING UP (weekly) I am the worst for not tidying up until I need to. Since watching MRS HINCH & STACEY SOLOMAN, I have discovered I love tidying and home comforts (which I wil be adding to this blog too) I always need to have a…

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    Writing Wednesdays #2 // 2021 update

    I haven’t done an update post like this, in over a year. I decided in 2020 I would have a break from writing and put my novels on hiatus for a year, but now I have started to miss writing blog posts, as well missing writing my fiction work. I have got 4 potential novels that I am writing with very different themes from mental health fiction, to fiction crime. I am hoping to be under the young adult category and have published at least 1 novel, if not more, within 2 years. I don’t mind if I self-publish or traditional. In the world, 2020 has been a nightmare for…

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    Short Poem called “2020”

    Winds blow swiftly in the breeze As the changes occur We are all changing, this year The world is slowly evolving And we are all blissfully aware One cries “WHAT HAPPENED?” As the rest continue to stare 2020 It’s over, too soon A new normal has arrived. By Danielle Mcdowall W Books n Thoughts

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    Flash Fiction – “The Window”

    405 words. (trigger warning – mental health & incl. potential illness) By Danielle Mcdowall FEBRUARY: The night was dark, it was cold, and there was a fog outside. She sat calmly looking out the window again. It was the last night of the month and a man was walking down the road with a dog, a puppy perhaps, it was hard to tell from the distance that she was stood. LAST DECEMBER: It was 6 pm and dark. She looked once more and there was a figure on the floor, the person’s face wasn’t visible but whoever it was looked out of place. Who was it & why was he…