A massive update, for 2019

Hi everyone, and HAPPY NEW YEAR

As you must have noticed W Books n Thoughts has been aesthetically updated. This was because it is what I felt the blog deserves. I kept looking at my old blog saying it just isn’t ME anymore. Luckily I found a lovely new photo of me and a great theme to use from now on and I am sooo happy with it.

This blog originally started out as a book blog over a year and a half ago but has expanded to so much more than I could’ve dreamed of. I’m now writing about my life.. my life? as if I thought anyone would want to know about boring little old me, hey I’m only 5ft3!

Sometimes I even write book reviews like when I first started blogging & occasionally I’ll write a food review (I love good food man, and wine!) It’s also a way for me to share my passion for Italian (& when I visit, I’ll be sure to tell you all about it!).

I hope you all are enjoying my journey through writing, I never thought I’d get this far and I’m so happy I am still here. I know I’m yet to collaborate with brands and companies… but that’s ok, it takes time & they need to choose the right person, who’s not me right now.

I see so many bloggers excel in their writing, and statistics don’t lie, but I have to tell you, right now I’m just having fun – I’m having fun with friends and family and I also hope you’re having fun reading this post.. can you tell I’m excited to write more.

This year, I am hoping to plan for 2020, and my travelling to Italy. I haven’t got the details sorted yet but (in my head) it’s definitely happening now. When I get back from each trip I will write all about it. What I liked, hated or want to see again etc. As you guys know. I’m learning Italian so hopefully that will come in handy with the locals and small cafes, transport or hotels. –

But enough from me… Tell me what you think of the new blog? what’s your favourite post so far? I love and appreciate you all reading and hope to see you on my next adventure, or blog post!

Italian saying: “Anno nuovo, vita nuova” — New year, new life (let’s make a fresh start)

Danielle, x

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  • Marta

    Lovely post! <3
    I’m glad you had a great year and that you were brave enough to change things and switch to a life-style blog, I hope you will find some great and suitable collaborations next year!
    And I hope you end up loving Italy! <3 It sounds very exciting, I wanted to visit it for a long time, hopefully it will happen in my case as well!
    Happy New Year!

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