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HOW TO: Survive Christmas (while being Single!)

So it’s that time of year again where everyone is merry & jolly but what do you do when you are facing Christmas alone? I am a great believer in being single, as I am myself, but I know how lonely it can get especially on holiday times. This is my guide on “How To” survive the Christmas period.

Go & see relatives (local or abroad)

This is a no-brainer. If (and I hope you do) have relatives in the country or abroad make it your mission to go and see them, especially over the holiday period. You can reminisce on previous holidays and events where uncle Sam played the piano wrong or cousin Susan got too drunk on her 50th.

Invite friends over for a festive meal or drink

This is my second choice. If you live alone and feel as if the place needs some noise, why not send an invite to close friends for a night over yours or a meal in the day with festive entertainment (such as games). I am sure a lot of people would love to have fun with friends over the holiday period.


This is not advised for people who do not usually drink excessively. This is for the party animals who love to drink on the weekend (…or if they are not working!). This is a risque choice as you might not be able to afford it or handle your drink… but at least you had a good time, right? You can go to the local pub (which may close early over Christmas) or go clubbing (like Uni students) – Please be safe & aware but have a good time!

Single parent? Visit Santa!

Basically if you have a child (or more), why not go to see Santa. I’m sure your children would love to join in the festivities over their school holiday. Also it’s a good chance to meet other parents who might be able to briefly give you some company over the holiday period. Im sure you will all enjoy yourselves too!

Offer to work overtime over the holidays

This option is for all you Scrooges out there who are single and don’t like the holiday season. This time of year is perfect for doing overtime at work – no-one else wants to because they have plans & most places pay extra over certain holiday periods such as Christmas, to entice people into work rather than booking time off. Extra money AND not having to worry about the holiday = Win-Win for you!

I hope you enjoyed my list of choices for you to do over Christmas time. I hope one suits you & you enjoy the holiday (or lack of, if you are working). This is a varied list & suits all types of people; from the rich to struggling uni students.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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