A massive update, for 2019

Hi everyone, and HAPPY NEW YEAR

As you must have noticed W Books n Thoughts has been aesthetically updated. This was because it is what I felt the blog deserves. I kept looking at my old blog saying it just isn’t ME anymore. Luckily I found a lovely new photo of me and a great theme to use from now on and I am sooo happy with it.

This blog originally started out as a book blog over a year and a half ago but has expanded to so much more than I could’ve dreamed of. I’m now writing about my life.. my life? as if I thought anyone would want to know about boring little old me, hey I’m only 5ft3!

Sometimes I even write book reviews like when I first started blogging & occasionally I’ll write a food review (I love good food and wine!) It’s also a way for me to share my passion for Italy.

I hope you all are enjoying my journey through writing, I never thought I’d get this far and I’m so happy I am still here. I know I’m yet to collaborate with brands and companies… but that’s ok, it takes time & they need to choose the right person, who’s not me right now.

I see so many bloggers excel in their writing, and statistics don’t lie, but I have to tell you, right now I’m just having fun – I’m having fun with friends and family and I also hope you’re having fun reading this post.. can you tell I’m excited to write more.

But enough from me… Tell me what you think of the new blog? what’s your favourite post so far? I love and appreciate you all reading and hope to see you on my next adventure, or blog post!

 New year, new life (let’s make a fresh start)

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  • Marta

    Lovely post! <3
    I’m glad you had a great year and that you were brave enough to change things and switch to a life-style blog, I hope you will find some great and suitable collaborations next year!
    And I hope you end up loving Italy! <3 It sounds very exciting, I wanted to visit it for a long time, hopefully it will happen in my case as well!
    Happy New Year!

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