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    To all my readers and subscribers, I am sorry to say that I can not continue blogging due to commitments. I will not be deleting this blog however so you can read all past posts. I have decided to continue with real life commitments and realised that this blog is taking up too much of my time. Thanks for being a big part of my journey online. Danielle 😃 W Books n Thoughts

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    A teaser from my WIP (1)

    Chapter 1   There stood a shadow six foot six, dressed in dark clothes and soaking wet. The rain was rushing down heavy and cold. The man was hiding in the shadows aware of each person passing. No one would look in his direction in fear of what was there.   There was a mother with her two little children on her way back from the supermarket and a teenager on his way home from a friend’s house unaware of what was near. They would go on to recount how they scurried past and did not look him in the eye. This image struck fear into the street that night.…

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    Recipe #1: Garlic Mushrooms & sauce

    Ingredients: 5 medium sized mushrooms. Half a mug of full fat milk 2 table spoons of olive or vegetable oil A table spoon of garlic flakes (or 3 garlic cloves) A table spoon of Worcester sauce Salt & black pepper (alter to your taste) Time to prepare: 5 minutes – Cooking time: 15 minutes Method… Turn large frying pan on full heat until hot. While pan is heating up, chop garlic clove finely Add garlic & oil to pan & stir until golden or translucent While garlic is cooking, slice mushrooms into 1inch wide chunks Add mushrooms to pan and fry for 8 minutes, until fully cooked through While mushrooms…

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    My 2019 blogging Goals (Part 2)

    It’s that time again when you need to figure out the next year. Here are some of my goals I hope I will able to achieve throughout the next year (2019). Continue visiting new places Blog more often and consistently See friends and family more often Get back into reading (15 books +) Study a subject I love Carry on Italian lessons Get 1,000 followers on my blog Get 6,000 views on my blog Get 2k followers on Twitter Create and make photos for online Goto some blogger events (2+) Create blogger friendships online I aim to: To plan posts in advance: This is as simple as it seems. I…

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    A massive update, for 2019

    Hi everyone, and HAPPY NEW YEAR As you must have noticed W Books n Thoughts has been aesthetically updated. This was because it is what I felt the blog deserves. I kept looking at my old blog saying it just isn’t ME anymore. Luckily I found a lovely new photo of me and a great theme to use from now on and I am sooo happy with it. This blog originally started out as a book blog over a year and a half ago but has expanded to so much more than I could’ve dreamed of. I’m now writing about my life.. my life? as if I thought anyone would…

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    My journey with food, & beyond.

    I have been musing about what to add on my blog and I thought why not Food & Drink? Let me take you on a journey as to why I love this topic so much… When I was a child I loved going out to places and loved to eat a lot. A favourite place I used to love in Cardiff Bay was a fish and chip restaurant centred next to Techniquest. It was a lovely place and it had some memories I will treasure forever of going there with my dearly beloved nan. Scroll on to 2000s, I was an anti-food snob and barely ate anything but ready meals and…

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    HOW TO: Start a blog (& maintain it)

    This is a common post most bloggers end up creating – about how they survived the first few months blogging. It is crucial that in the first few months you don’t give up as they are the most challenging of all the months. After you have established a brand or started working with brands hopefully it will get easier. I’m not quite at that level yet but I am actively searching for brands to collaborate with, in 2019. Anyway, here’s my top 5 tips… 1. Make sure you have content ready BEFORE making your blog. This is important because when you first open your blog and ask people to view it, you…

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    Exciting New Blog Changes in 2019.

    This blog is going to experience big changes as of 2019. I felt it was time to add more content and topics close to my heart. The topics I am going to add to my blog include Italy, Food & drink. I think you will love it! The reason behind this move is that I felt books are not a big enough part of my life. I love days out with food & drink. I am also learning the Italian language so thought it would be ideal to talk about on my blog. I go out quite often and feel that my readers would love me to document my experiences…