[DNF] A Court of Thorns and Roses

I have bad news for you reading. I tried “A Court of Thorns and Roses” and didn’t like it.

I heard a lot of hype of this book series on BookTube and Bookstagram and I thought I’d give it a go and could not get into it.

I found the storyline strange and didn’t like it and at the half way mark, I decided that’s enough and I gave the book back to the library.

The reason I didn’t enjoy the book is mainly because of these reasons and more…

  • The main character Feyre is boring after the leaving her family
  • I don’t think Tamlin is a nice person he’s guilt tripping her because he didn’t kill her straight away
  • I don’t understand the fae world

Sorry, this post was so brief and I hope this was interesting to read why I didn’t enjoy this book. Luckily it was not a review copy so it didn’t upset anyone, except maybe you guys who are reading my blog.


I went in to this book with extremely high expectations of enjoyment. This made me sad when i started reading and did not enjoy or get into the book as i was told by other bloggers around the world.

I just didnt seem to get the whole damsel in distress idea, i mean shes a hunter after all so why couldnt she defeat the beast that came to her door after killing the wolf.

The other thing that bugged me is i have never read a faery tale before so it took me a goood few chapters to understand what it is all about and start to like this mystical world i was reading.


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