[REVIEW] #ad Vendetta – Jack McSparron

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Mafia, Murder and drugs; all in one book?

This book caught my eye when it came up on my bulk emails (linked to up and coming authors & review ebook copies) as an advertisement. So I grabbed it before it disappeared. This book is a quick read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It took me just under 24 hours to completely finish this as it was so entertaining.

The man character is a kick-ass woman called Maggie Black, who is incredible. Her partner in this book and part-time lover is Leon. I feel both have an interesting backstory which propelled the story on well.

The story takes place mainly in Venice, Italy and I loved the casual references to places within the city. The story powers on easily and quickly as we are introduced to various characters, each with their own agenda.

This book basically is about a spy who is trying to stop a meeting and two groups becoming partners across Europe. The mafia is involved via the character Carlo Rossi and his family vs the other Italian family and mafia enemy the Martinis.

The killer in the murders through the story is revealed just as I figured out who it could be. The suspense was high and clever to read. I enjoyed hearing the ending of this book.

I would recommend this book, as it is an enjoyable quick read. I will go on to read more about the main character in new books, as this was the first in the series which I highly recommend reading.

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