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NEW URL: Self-hosting & update

Hello all,

This is my first post since this week I have changed to self-hosting. You don’t need to know the one & outs of the technical side of it, as even I get confused trying to explain it but basically what it has allowed me to do is drop the “.wordpress” out of my blog address URL. Hope this switch over doesn’t confuse you.

Say hello to:

Funny fact?
I tried to change to just “books and thoughts” but found out someone else already had that URL so It’s a good job I’m welsh born so I have an excuse to carry over the “Welshie” part in my blog!

I hope you will carry on with me on my journey through books and blogging. I started blogging many years ago and failed on different sites such as Tumblr and Google+ in an attempt to create my own website.

This site has finally given me the confidence to say “This is Mine, and I am happy with it”. I have seen a few blogs on the internet since joining the “Bookish Community”, and exploring other topics, some blogs are over 5 years old, while mine is a mere 8 months old (at time of writing).

I hope to carry on for a long time – As long as you keep reading WB&T I will keep producing new content. I am hoping with time and experience my blog will grow and become better and better.



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