[REVIEW] #ad Born Bad – Marnie Riches.

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As I am drawing close; finishing this book, I have grown attached to the characters and storyline. I don’t want to ruin it for people but there are some OMG moments throughout.

The book is based in Manchester and it is about the underbelly and “gangsters” of the city. Many reviewers have said it is gritty. I don’t think it is that dramatic if you take into account the actual storyline.

Although at the beginning I was just asking for someone to take this book off my hands, by the middle I decided it is a slow burner and take a while to acclimatise yourself to the people in the book and the lifestyle, as it is not natural to most. As it draws to a close on the last 100 pages I feel myself saying that I now do not want it to end.

There is violence throughout, use of illegal weapons, swearing and general things which most would turn their nose up at but if you enjoy that type of reading this book is perfect. I have read elsewhere that if you a fan of either “Martina Cole” or “Kimberly Chambers” you will enjoy this book. I am coming as a new reader so I can’t judge but I am after finishing, looking into books by these authors too.

This book is the first part of an unfinished series, that has not been published yet. I believe I will go on to read the rest of the books, soon after they are released.


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      Thank you!!
      I haven’t wrote in soo long, so I thought why not start a blog up dedicated to books I’m reading. 2 birds one stone as I get to track my books & so I know how many I’ve read and basically what I think of them.
      Thanks for sharing!

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