[REVIEW] Deal Breaker – Harlan Coben

A fast-paced amateur detective novel.

This book is based in America, surrounding a sports agent and part-time detective Myron Bolitar. A girl has gone missing over a year ago and her current partner at the time is signed to Myron’s agency. He rings and says he has information regarding the girl (Kathy)’s disappearance and so Myron sets up an investigation.

This book is just under 400 pages long and is a decently paced book that keeps the attention for long periods of time. There is enough suspense that makes you wonder what is going on and gets you to read more. The main parts of the story that draws you in aren’t until around the 250-page mark which means it is quite dull for some parts but when the suspense kicks in, you get a surprise in the chapters.

Th characters in this book are run of the mill detective novel type but they make you want to read more about them. Which is just as well because this book is part of a few books that have the same characters (Myron Bolitar series).

The tone of the book is light humoured and mentions casual sarcasm from the main character’s thoughts quite often. This breaks up the sometimes mundane police procedure throughout, although it is not as detailed as it could be

I liked the ending and it did wrap all the events but left you feeling like you wanted to hear more about the main characters. I was satisfied and will possibly when I have extra time on my hands read further books in the series by Harlan Coben.

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