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    [REVIEW] Harry Potter 2 (&tCoS)

    Nearly everyone is aware of Harry Potter. This week marks the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter & Chamber of Secrets being published.

    This is my review on the second book in the Harry Potter series and hopefully will not encounter too many spoilers. It is a solid sequel to book number one and is a reread for me, over 10 years later.

    This book takes off from the first in the series as we follow Harry through his summer holidays and 2nd year at Hogwarts. It has quite a few familiar faces and a few new ones.

    This book is a children’s classic that is well-known throughout Europe, UK & America and other places, for both its film series and books. It has been made popular everywhere.

    My favourite character to read about is Dobby. He causes mayhem throughout the book but is kind with a sassy attitude (when not beating literally himself up!) Also he looks out for Harry when no-one else seems to.

    My least favourite character to read about was the Dursleys are they are repulsive and luckily don’t feature much in this adventure… but when they do, they are horrible to our hero Harry.

    This book is a fun read but the themes of the book are slightly more mature than the first in the Harry Potter series. I am looking forward to continuing my re-reading of the complete 7 book series and I know the series not only gets longer but darker and more sinster in each book.

    Would I recommend this book? Of course. Any age can read this book from young children to the elderly.

    Do you like this series? Are you celebrating the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter? What is your favourite book & characters in the series? Please write your thoughts in the comments below

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    [REVIEW] Pigeon Blood-Red – Ed Duncan


    This book attracted me to the synopsis. I like most crime books and haven’t read one in a while. As a short book of only 201 pages, I thought it would be quite quick to read, which it was.

    DISCLAIMER: This book was sent to me via the publisher and author. This doesn’t affect my full review below.

    This book focuses on criminals and the people around them, both good and bad. As I was reading this I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is an interesting book which is a fast-paced and good character and plot-lines.

    The characters, although not relatable due to being criminals, are interesting and make you want to read more. I felt myself being drawn into the storyline and wanting to read more about the characters. Chapters were generally quite short which kept the pace at a constant level.

    The main storyline is about a criminal enforcer who is looking for an expensive necklace he lost while in transit. We find out early on who took it and why, but we don’t know who will keep it in the end or what he will do to get it back. It has multiple storylines that some aren’t related but they are all very interesting.

    Although when I first started reading about Robert I was immediately sympathetic to him and his life I believe the best character is definitely Rico as we see his story progress the most and even if you don’t agree with the actions he does, you still want him to succeed. He comes through as a macho male and you don’t see much of his emotions but you still understand him.

    Would I recommend this book? Yes, I would as this author is not well-known and created a great short (just over 200 words) novel which was engaging, interesting and a fun read. I hear there are 3 books to this trilogy being planned. The 2nd book is already out and the 3rd should be released soon, so look out for Ed Ducan’s older work and the rest of this series.

    Do you love crime books? & a quick read?
    Do you like reading about “Gangsters” and criminals?
    This is the book for you.

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    [REVIEW] Animal Farm – George Orwell


    As I finish this book I am reminded why I wanted to read it. Not only is it a good commentary on modern sociology but a great book to read. This book follows the liberation & revolution of a farm in England that drives out all humans and establishes a hierarchy of animals in control of themselves. It is a quick read and rather interesting. This is a tale that shows the darker side of human nature through the eyes of animals copying them.

    This book is one of my favourite books of 2018. I thoroughly enjoyed and had a good time reading it (but slightly distressed, due to graphic descriptions within the book). This is a great read that has a brilliant film adaptation.

    George Orwell, the author, is famous over the world for writing both this and “1984” among other less-known novels. Both books have individually stood the test of time & known all over the world for being modern classics.

    Did I see the ending coming? Honestly, Yes as well as watching the film first I could also tell by the way it was written how it was going to end, but that didn’t take anything away from the final few pages when I was reading it.

    Would I recommend this book? Yes, to all ages over 12 (purely due to graphic violence). This is a book that anyone, anywhere can read and if you didn’t know; it is based on the real-life event of the Russian Revolution.


    Although Snowball is taken out of the equation early on and to be honest you don’t know whether to trust him or not, about 10 pages into him leaving the farm I started to question Why? …and I wanted him to come back.

    My favourite character has to be Boxer, not for the way he is but because he shows how loyal he is to the farm, how his undying devotion eventually is his own demise. He is the best character and lovable throughout the book.

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    [REVIEW] Alice in Wonderland- Lewis Carroll

    A classic children’s fairytale that spanned the ages.

    This is a book that when you approach it you have to bear in mind that it is aimed at children so the writing style is different to what you would expect in an adult book.

    It is an interesting tale of how Alice (a young girl) fell down a rabbit hole while chasing a white rabbit who was “late”. Alice goes on a journey to find the rabbit and meets some peculiar people and animals on the way.

    This book is enchanting to read and a quick read too. The repetition of the word curious throughout the book reminds us that it is for a young audience. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the book I did not get time to read the second book in the series “Through the Looking Glass” that is included in the same book.

    Would I recommend this book? Yes, I would to children and adults alike. It is a book for people who want to forget the real world exists and escape into fantasy.

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    [REVIEW] Wicked – Gregory Maguire

    Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

    All about Politics, Witches and Wizards.

    I want to say I am reviewing this book after not reading in ages! Now that I think of it, I really should do a re-read at the end of the year when I get some time out of my busy reading schedule.

    This book is my all-time favourite book and it’s pretty good if I may say so myself. On my first read, I dived right into and it took me about 3 days to finish it. I really loved it.

    It is basically the backstory of who the “Wicked Witch of the West” in “The Wizard of Oz” is; where she came from, how she became “wicked” and why the wizard doesn’t like her.


    I personally read the book before seeing the musical and felt it was an added bonus to the book & a FANTASTIC SHOW but do not be under the illusion that if you do decide to choose to approach Wicked the other way you will get the same experience ..you WON’T

    If you are looking to read this book (and the rest of the series) before watching the musical on Broadway/west-end I would wholly recommend this. However, I must caution anyone who has watched the Musical – This book is a long and sometimes quite a hard read. Although it is interesting it’s NOT like the musical suggests; fun and easy.

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    [REVIEW] Cold Feet: The Lost Years – Carmel Harrington

    A trip down memory lane with the original cast!

    This book arrived nice & early with a press release explaining the publishing date, plus quite a bit of information on both the book and author. I then picked it up to read and here is my review…

    This book is centred around the lives of the original cast of Cold Feet. It is an easy read and is based on the time between the old first series 1-5 in the 90/00s and the beginning of series 6. The current series airing in 2017 on ITV (UK) is series 7.

    After reading a few paragraphs it is easy to slip back into the characters’ world in Manchester (UK). It shows light comedy and lots of relationship troubles as you expect from people that age.

    We get to have another fun look into the lives of David, Karen, Adam, Jenny & Pete. Also, it includes their friends, family, work partners and others. It, however, is set very close to Rachel’s death. She is brought up a lot which drops the tone sometimes but overall, it suits the storyline.

    This book is not only interesting it has good humour and suited for anyone over 15.

    Would you recommend this book? Yes, I would to anyone who enjoys the TV series. It’s a fun read!

    DISCLAIMER: I got this book from the Publisher “Hodder & Stoughton” for an honest review

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    [REVIEW] Girl, Interrupted – Susanna Kaysen

    One woman’s journey through Mental Health.

    Once I received this book I set about reading it. It only took me 2-3 days to finish this book because not only is it a short book but interesting.

    It is an autobiography; about the author, Susanna Kaysen’s few years spent within a mental institution (famous for housing Sylvia Plath) on a teenage girls wing.

    The reason I picked this book up was that I had already watched the film (with Angelina Jolie, Brit Murphy & Winona Ryder) which made me fascinated about how close to the book the film was.

    The film was brilliant, I wondered if the book was too? Yes, the book lived up to expectations and gave a more detailed account you are unable to get with a film.

    The first thing this short novel showed me is how honest the author is; we really get inside her head and she explains well what is going on around her and her emotions.

    The 1st person works well with the 3rd person throughout because we get the feeling that we are experiencing it with the people involved. As far as I know, the names have all been changed but each person has their own identity which makes you want to learn more about them.

    “Sometimes the only way to stay sane is to go a little bit crazy

    Would I recommend this book to a friend? Honestly, I would recommend this to anyone that has a keen interest in mental health. It is very thought-provoking and makes you question yourself at times!

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    [REVIEW] Vendetta – Jack McSparron

    Image result for jack mcsporran vendetta


    Mafia, Murder and drugs; all in one book?

    This book caught my eye when it came up on my bulk emails (linked to up and coming authors & review ebook copies) as an advertisement. So I grabbed it before it disappeared. This book is a quick read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It took me just under 24 hours to completely finish this as it was so entertaining.

    The man character is a kick-ass woman called Maggie Black, who is incredible. Her partner in this book and part-time lover is Leon. I feel both have an interesting backstory which propelled the story on well.

    The story takes place mainly in Venice, Italy and I loved the casual references to places within the city. The story powers on easily and quickly as we are introduced to various characters, each with their own agenda.

    This book basically is about a spy who is trying to stop a meeting and two groups becoming partners across Europe. The mafia is involved via the character Carlo Rossi and his family vs the other Italian family and mafia enemy the Martinis.

    The killer in the murders through the story is revealed just as I figured out who it could be. The suspense was high and clever to read. I enjoyed hearing the ending of this book.

    I would recommend this book, as it is an enjoyable quick read. I will go on to read more about the main character in new books, as this was the first in the series which I highly recommend reading.