Winter & Christmas tag

I was nominated by Emily at alwaysopinionatedgirl to take part in this winter tag. Why not view her answers here!

The Rules:

1 12 Random Facts About You

2 Answer 12 Questions

3 Tag 12 Bloggers (optional?)

Random Facts:

  1. I live near an airport and the seaside.
  2. I started my blog on May 15th, 2017
  3. I’m a potter head (fan of Harry Potter)
  4. I’ve been around for 27 years far!
  5. I volunteered in a library: Apr ’17-now
  6. I have always had brown curly hair.
  7. My tabby & white cat is about 15 Y/O
  8. I used to read a lot when I was a child
  9. I prefer winter but hate cold dark nights
  10. I couldn’t live without Netflix & NowTV
  11. I love book mail & burning candles a lot
  12. Shops makes me anxious but I enjoy it

Questions and Answers:

What Are Your Favourite Things About Winter?

Where do I start? Cosy evenings watching tv with a hot drink or reading because it’s too cold outside.

What Is Your Favourite Winter Outfit?

I’m terrible for bringing my Ugg boots out for winter and thick hoody’s to keep warm.

What Is Your Favourite Winter Drink?

I do like Tea & Coffee. But in the winter I like to have a nice Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate.

What Is Your Dream Way To Spend a Winter’s Day?

I would binge watch Netflix and read a whole book while curled up with a hot drink.

How Do You Like Your Make-Up in Winter?

It’s always the same (minimal!) unless I put more on when planning on going out …but I would in summer too.

What Are You Hoping Santa Brings You?

More books? A trip to Italy or the Harry Potter world in London

What Are The First Three Things That Remind You of Winter?

Snow, cold nights and warm drinks

What Is Your Favourite Winter Song?

Is anything Christmasy, a winter song?

What Is Your Favourite Winter Memory?

Playing in the snow as a child as it’s quite rare where I live. Cold but never snowy.

What Is Your Favourite Winter Scent?

I always have the same perfume so it doesn’t matter. Candles – winter berry smell.

Finish This Sentence…If I Could Have Anything This Christmas It Would Be…

To enjoy nights with family and friends!

I nominate these people to do this?

Anyone who wants to as I never tag people in case they don’t feel up to it.

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