Goodreads 2018 + fave book

Hello all,

As you may have noticed I done the Goodreads Challenge this year and set the bar low. This was because I was restarting reading a lot again after about 10 years away from books.

I plan to do 2018’s challenge and up the book count and higher my reading limit. I am hoping to read 50 books next year max but if I get through 25 I’d be happy enough!

Also, I want to read this list in 2018..

  • Old Classics
  • Game of Thrones Series
  • Italy-based novels
  • Non-fiction -Romans
  • Contemporary classics
  • My A Level set list
  • ARCs and Review Copies

As it’s coming up to the end of the year and although I have only been blogging about books and reading a lot for 8 months, I feel I should do a shout out to my favourite book of 2017. Drumroll please?

My favourite book of 2017 goes to Born Bad by Marnie Riches. If you are into gritty, Manchester crime I would recommend you pick this book up!!

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