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My favourite Autumn & Winter Food & Drinks.

This season is when people change tastes in food & drinks. I am going to give you my top things to try over the Autumn. I will be mentioning my favourite brands but this post will not be sponsored. It is just a list of my personal favourites. One is specific to my home country, one is a particular brand & one is a personal favourite…

Costa (coffee) Autumn Hot Drinks Range

I love going to costa when the weather changes, nothing says Fall like a hot chocolate or coffee (latte, size; medium). The store is always decorated lovely &
give a warm coffee smell and relaxing vibe. I tend to go here at least twice over the Fall time for this warming experience. They also do a pumpkin & caramel in spiced range too I have yet to try.

A mug of Hot Chocolate

This is a winter Staple for most people. I find in the winter I just want to curl up with a nice hot chocolate, watch some TV or read a good book. Hot Chocolate gives me the image of a person curled up in a baggy winter knit clutching a mug smiling. There is a particular brand I use but there are many out there to choose from, so please try a few different choices before you pick your new favourite.

Welsh lamb Cawl (Wales special)

This is the ultimate Winter meal that is currently (2018) available at your local Wetherspoons, in Wales (UK). It is on the speciality menu for Wales, celebrating Welsh Local Produce. I myself have tried this particular dish on a hot summer day but it is perfect for a Winter dish. It is effectively a lamb & vegetable soup. I find it gorgeous tasting & very rich in flavour. I recommend this dish to anyone visiting Wales in the winter to try it out. Honestly, you won’t regret it, I promise.

I hope this brief & interesting list gets you warm inside & makes you want to go out and enjoy the cooler weather, as much as you liked the Summer! Tell me in the comments what your favourite Autumn/Winter food and drinks are!

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