Halloween 2018

So it’s that time again where we all get dressed up and spooky. This is my opinion on Halloween.

When I was a child I used to love the dressing up & Trick or Treating with family members. I remember one too many times I was dressed in a bin liner (I’m not a cheap inspo honestly) as a witch, with the hat & broomstick! I loved it even though it didn’t cost much and I only visited a few houses. This whole routine went on for a good ten years and I don’t remember if I even enjoyed it toward the end.

I firmly believe that Halloween is for the children, even in this day and age. It is a way to escape reality and have fun (and of course gather sweeties from the neighbours!).

In the last decade since turning 18 I have turned off Halloween, at first because I thought it was too childish for me but mainly because I just don’t like it. However, I do still answer the door (sometimes) when I know it is the youngsters calling for their sweets.

These days you see Halloween being hyped on the TV with spooky films (which are my guilty pleasure, Hocus Pocus come at me please!) and adverts for all sorts of outfits online & in shops. The shops become saturated with spooky films, novels & outfits for the occasion.

“Is Halloween suitable for Adults?”

I’m sure many adults will scream but I’m a parent and I join in with my children, No I don’t mean you. I mean us childless 20 something year-olds who have in my opinion no place in Halloween. The only way I see us being involved include the word clubbing or going to pubs dressed in our favourite outfit and have one too many shots at the bar while dancing to Thriller and the Rocky Horror Show theme song.

I have a specific event where I wore a witches cheap outfit from a cheap shop, it itched all night and my friend had a crying fit & a screaming match with me – this wasn’t a good year. Another me & my best friend just got drunk. You see where I’m going with adults and Halloween = drunk nights out.

All in all, I’m sure Halloween is an event which takes you out of normal life & gives you one night where you can just go out and explore your inner child, which is what it’s all about, I guess.

To all you adults out there, with or without children, have a blast. Go have fun – maybe get drunk? who knows. Or eat too many sweets, waiting for the door to knock while watching cheesy horror movies!

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