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    Recipe #2. Quick Steak & Veg stir Fry

    • 8oz steak (sirloin or rump)
    • 1 small Mixed veg pack (or a half a mugful of each of the following – green beans, carrots, broccoli & corn).
    • 2 table spoons of olive or vegetable oil
    • A teaspoon Worcester or soy sauce
    • A teaspoon of garlic flakes (or 1 garlic clove)
    • Salt & pepper (alter to your taste)

    Time to prepare: 5 minutes – Cooking time: 15-20 minutes


    1. Turn large frying pan on full heat until hot.
    2. Add garlic & oil to pan
    3. While garlic is cooking, slice steak into 1inch wide chunks
    4. Add steak to pan and fry for 10 minutes until fully cooked through
    5. While steak is frying slice veg into 1 cm wide slices (approx 6cm length)
    6. Add soy or Worcester sauce to pan & season with salt n pepper
    7. Throw all the vegetables into the pan and turn the heat down low or off.
    8. Leave the pan to cool and the veg to cook also for 5-8 mins
    9. Serve direct to a bowl or plate from pan

    Note: Please alter times to suit your preferences. For well done steak, add 5-10 mins cooking time & 5 extra mins for softer veg.

    I hope you enjoy this meal and if you liked it I will add more recipes to my blog. If you’ve tried this meal please tell me in the comments below! Thanks!

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    Recipe #1: (v) Garlic Mushrooms & sauce


    • 5 medium sized mushrooms.
    • Half a mug of full fat milk
    • 2 table spoons of olive or vegetable oil
    • A table spoon of garlic flakes (or 3 garlic cloves)
    • A table spoon of Worcester sauce
    • Salt & black pepper (alter to your taste)

    Time to prepare: 5 minutes – Cooking time: 15 minutes


    1. Turn large frying pan on full heat until hot.
    2. While pan is heating up, chop garlic clove finely
    3. Add garlic & oil to pan & stir until golden or translucent
    4. While garlic is cooking, slice mushrooms into 1inch wide chunks
    5. Add mushrooms to pan and fry for 8 minutes, until fully cooked through
    6. While mushrooms are frying, add milk gradually until there is a sauce
    7. Add half a teaspoon of Worcester sauce & season with salt n pepper
    8. Turn the heat down low or off and put a plate over the pan for 3 mins .
    9. Leave the pan to cool and food to simmer
    10. Serve direct to a bowl or plate from pan

    Note: Please alter times to suit your preferences.**

    I hope you enjoy this meal and if you liked it I will add more recipes to my blog. If you’ve tried this meal – please tell me in the comments below! Thanks!

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    For the past year, in 2018, I have to confess I ate a lot more than I used to and it was not even healthy meals… too much red meat & not enough fresh food. Although I did start cooking for myself a lot more. When I wasn’t cooking, I was going out for meals with high fat & protein-rich foods, such as steak & beef burgers! Towards the end of 2018, I swapped chips for salad and that helped.

    This year I want my food goal to cut out or severely reduce my meat-eating down to about 20% or less. Yes, I plan to eat to continue eating meat but reduce it right down, gradually.

    plant based food Garlic Mushrooms & Sauce

    I am aiming to eat mainly vegetable-based meals, but I still want to use milk and butter in meals for the time being until I get chance to try soy-based milk, as I can’t stand almonds!

    I have been getting into watching vegan inspired recipes on Instagram recently and it has inspired me to eat healthier! Although realistically I can’t go from heavy meat based meals to vegan I can cut down slowly throughout 2019, until I don’t eat meat any more.

    In the last few years veganism has taken off, many people know and follow the vegan lifestyle and it is well known now. Before if you heard someone was a vegan you wouldn’t understand it and there were no reviews or meals to choose from in supermarkets or restaurants …but now it is so common that big brands and celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon creating ready meals and vegan inspired dishes online or in cookbooks. Look out for them!

    I don’t know how I feel about not being able to eat meals such as a Full English Breakfast, but I know there are lots of alternatives to choose from and it will make me a healthier person in the long run.

    My first start at eating plant & reduced meat based food this week included; a hummus wrap and a prawn curry & rice dish.

    Last weekend I attempted to cook garlic mushrooms from scratch. They turned out amazing & tasty (image above). The only thing I might do next time is to change the butter & milk to a plant-based alternative.

    What’s your opinion on plant-based diets? Are you already a Vegetarian or Vegan? What is your advice on changing to a plant-based diet?
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    My journey with food, & beyond.

    I have been musing about what to add on my blog and I thought why not Food & Drink? Let me take you on a journey as to why I love this topic so much…

    Lovely steak at Brewers Fayre

    When I was a child I loved going out to places and loved to eat a lot. A favourite place I used to love in Cardiff Bay was a fish and chip restaurant centred next to Techniquest. It was a lovely place and it had some memories I will treasure forever of going there with my dearly beloved nan.

    Scroll on to 2000s, I was an anti-food snob and barely ate anything but ready meals and the so. There was a period of time that during my teens I just wanted to eat & go out. I didn’t appreciate either my mother’s home cooking or where we went to eat, I had no idea about money or what food costs.

    Since 2015, I have started to really enjoy tasty food. Yes I have gained weight (about a stone… or two) but it can’t put a price on the happiness I feel when presented with a tasty meal. I have, in the last few years, tried a few different areas, and other places such as Cardiff & small vintage inns or local pubs & restaurants nearby.

    I have found some unique menus with options including fish, meat, pasta & salad. Although I am not a vegetarian I am going to pledge to look at 1 vegetarian for every 4 meat dishes on my blog. I will be showing you the dishes that I love. I would not describe myself as a critic but more a lover of food.

    Mom’s homemade spaghetti bolognese

    Please join me on this new journey where I will show you both new & old places to eat in South Wales (UK). I’m sure many people have heard of places like Toby Carvery & Jamie’s Italian but I want to show you places that many don’t know even exist. Join me & fall in love with food again! To collaborate or for sponsored posts click here.

    Please Note: 
Images are my own - share only with my permission. ©WBooksnThoughts.
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    My favourite Autumn & Winter Food & Drinks.

    This season is when people change tastes in food & drinks. I am going to give you my top things to try over the Autumn. I will be mentioning my favourite brands but this post will not be sponsored. It is just a list of my personal favourites. One is specific to my home country, one is a particular brand & one is a personal favourite…

    Costa (coffee) Autumn Hot Drinks Range

    I love going to costa when the weather changes, nothing says Fall like a hot chocolate or coffee (latte, size; medium). The store is always decorated lovely &
    give a warm coffee smell and relaxing vibe. I tend to go here at least twice over the Fall time for this warming experience. They also do a pumpkin & caramel in spiced range too I have yet to try.

    A mug of Hot Chocolate

    This is a winter Staple for most people. I find in the winter I just want to curl up with a nice hot chocolate, watch some TV or read a good book. Hot Chocolate gives me the image of a person curled up in a baggy winter knit clutching a mug smiling. There is a particular brand I use but there are many out there to choose from, so please try a few different choices before you pick your new favourite.

    Welsh lamb Cawl (Wales special)

    This is the ultimate Winter meal that is currently (2018) available at your local Wetherspoons, in Wales (UK). It is on the speciality menu for Wales, celebrating Welsh Local Produce. I myself have tried this particular dish on a hot summer day but it is perfect for a Winter dish. It is effectively a lamb & vegetable soup. I find it gorgeous tasting & very rich in flavour. I recommend this dish to anyone visiting Wales in the winter to try it out. Honestly, you won’t regret it, I promise.

    I hope this brief & interesting list gets you warm inside & makes you want to go out and enjoy the cooler weather, as much as you liked the Summer! Tell me in the comments what your favourite Autumn/Winter food and drinks are!