Short post about Goodreads (2018)

This post is a short reply to Zoe Collins’ booktube video about Goodreads. I agree with Zoe’s comments about book bloggers and readers alike. This is especially true for people who don’t read as much as others, Goodreads can be demoralising to use.

Goodreads is a site where you can record your reading throughout the year. It is a site which is good for when you want to remember what you have read, want to read and how much you have already read Also you can see your “friends” progress throughout the year. It is very competitive but in general, as an adult, I have chosen not to judge myself against others.

Goodreads to me personally is a website I use to watch my reading progress. I do not use it to compare how many books others read as I would be embarrassed.  Every year Goodreads hosts a challenge where you set your goal of how many books you are going to read a year.

Although I use Goodreads and take part in the challenge since 2017 I do not put it high as I want it to be realistic but this year I am already 4 books behind my goal of 24/5 books in 2018.

This post was not sponsored. The name Goodreads is Copyrighted.

Are you on Goodreads? Do you track your reading?
Are you behind on your bookish goals this year?
Join in the conversation about reading. 


  • Robert Davies

    I failed my GR 2017 reading challenge, so am trying again in 2018. I don’t worry about how much I can read in a year really – I’m much more interested in keeping track of what I’m reading and what I’m planning to read.

  • Jenn @ Bound to Writing

    Great post! I’ve been using Goodreads for years, but only recently actively started committing to reading goals and posting reviews. I like being able to track my reading throughout the year, but definitely don’t stress if I’m “behind” according to Goodreads standards.

  • JJ @ This Dark Material

    I love the organizational aspects of GR but try not to get wrapped up in any kind of competitiveness 🙂 Sometimes it’s tempting to click on that challenge link and see how my friends are doing, but most of the time I can resist haha

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