Why I love Harry Potter.

As a few of you might know I am a big Harry Potter fan!

Like many other people who grew up in the nineties I read the Harry Potter books as they came out, yes I know 20 YEARS AGO! Harry Potter was something throughout my life that was a constant. It was a place where I could curl up with a good book and forget all about school, family, friends and the rest that comes with being a teenager.

As it is the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter coming out the publishers have decided to release all the books as they came out on the same date but with new covers. This has given me the perfect opportunity to re-read all the books, one a year as they come out again. This excites me.

As a lifelong potter fan, I have also started to build up a small collection of merchandise and clothes based on Harry Potter, including jumpers, joggers and onesies. I love them!

The one thing about Harry Potter is no matter what age you are you can still appreciate the books and films. You can be 12 watching it for the first time or in your elder years and still enjoy the world that was created.

As a fan who grew up on the books and films I think the next generation will miss out on the feeling you get when you buy a new book that has just been released on sale… but they can appreciate the nostalgia of the series because they will be from another time period. I think this series will never grow old and in about 50-100 years I will be known as a classic like the Brontes and Austen are to us now.

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