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    This post is a celebration of blogging for a whole year. Am I proud? Yes. Will I continue? Yes. Do I think I can improve? Definitely. Will you join me reading my blog? I hope so!

    As this year has flown by so quickly, I want to look back on what I’ve learned this year blogging. Then do a brief description of what My Blog was, is & My new goals.


    This year has been an eye-opening experience into the world of blogging. Although I have tried before in my teens it wasn’t until I fully dived into the community of books and blogs I didn’t have a clue it even existed. Blogging may look easy but it takes a lot of work, effort and sometimes creativeness to pull it off.

    It is a competitive world but most bloggers all pull together and help one another. I feel I have been neglecting this blog recently due to a thing called “Life” and I’m hoping to jump back into it soon. I noticed that some bloggers are more successful than others but others are a more interesting read. Just because they are popular right now doesn’t make the blog superior – blog popularity quickly changes.

    Just because your blog isn’t “popular”, doesn’t mean you haven’t put in the same amount of work into content!

    My blog personally has tried a few things and failed but that’s okay because you need to think outside the box and try – sometimes it works & sometimes it doesn’t.

    WHAT MY BLOG STARTED AS: This blog started out as a hobby as I enjoyed reading I wanted to share it with the world. While first starting out in the blogging world I had no clue what I was doing and had to change a lot of my posts. Most of my first few posts were obviously book reviews. This is my first blog post HERE.

    WHAT IT CURRENTLY IS: My blog has recently become self-hosted (post about it HERE). I am looking into different topics to add to posts as I don’t believe I am doing my best by writing book reviews. I believe I need to create more posts with more passion for what I am writing. This means right now I am coming up with a few different posts and seeing which ones work best with readers.

    WHAT I WANT FOR THE NEXT YEAR: In the next year, I hope to get more daily views and continue posting good quality posts. I don’t know which direction my blog is going yet as it is an on-going process. I want to increase activity and start writing more posts. I would love this little space on the internet to become my full-time career maybe a few years down the line. I think if I put enough effort into creating content I could create an income from this blog one day.

    WHAT do I want TO ADD TO MY BLOG?: I am going to start adding a huge variety of different topical posts on my blog, which I hope will become popular!

    What are your blogging achievements? Will you be continuing following my blog?
    What are your favourite posts on my blog? What can I do to upgrade my blog?

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    Short post about Goodreads (2018)

    This post is a short reply to Zoe Collins’ booktube video about Goodreads. I agree with Zoe’s comments about book bloggers and readers alike. This is especially true for people who don’t read as much as others, Goodreads can be demoralising to use.

    Goodreads is a site where you can record your reading throughout the year. It is a site which is good for when you want to remember what you have read, want to read and how much you have already read Also you can see your “friends” progress throughout the year. It is very competitive but in general, as an adult, I have chosen not to judge myself against others.

    Goodreads to me personally is a website I use to watch my reading progress. I do not use it to compare how many books others read as I would be embarrassed.  Every year Goodreads hosts a challenge where you set your goal of how many books you are going to read a year.

    Although I use Goodreads and take part in the challenge since 2017 I do not put it high as I want it to be realistic but this year I am already 4 books behind my goal of 24/5 books in 2018.

    This post was not sponsored. The name Goodreads is Copyrighted.

    Are you on Goodreads? Do you track your reading?
    Are you behind on your bookish goals this year?
    Join in the conversation about reading. 

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    Goodreads 2018 + fave book

    Hello all,

    As you may have noticed I done the Goodreads Challenge this year and set the bar low. This was because I was restarting reading a lot again after about 10 years away from books.

    I plan to do 2018’s challenge and up the book count and higher my reading limit. I am hoping to read 50 books next year max but if I get through 25 I’d be happy enough!

    Also, I want to read this list in 2018..

    • Old Classics
    • Game of Thrones Series
    • Italy-based novels
    • Non-fiction -Romans
    • Contemporary classics
    • My A Level set list
    • ARCs and Review Copies

    As it’s coming up to the end of the year and although I have only been blogging about books and reading a lot for 8 months, I feel I should do a shout out to my favourite book of 2017. Drumroll please?

    My favourite book of 2017 goes to Born Bad by Marnie Riches. If you are into gritty, Manchester crime I would recommend you pick this book up!!

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    Making lists & buying books..

    To Read or Not To Read; That is the question!

    Okay, so I started out this year with an aim of getting out more; meeting friends, etc. It’s now half way through the year and I want to spend more time alone. Sound crazy? Hear me out!

    I have finally compiled a reading list & it just keeps getting longer! It’s now nearly 300 books long. I started out as “I’ll add just one or two so I know what to read next”, Before I knew it, there were too many books on the list.

    To add to this I have accepted the “GoodReads 2017 Challenge” of reading 12 books in 2017. It started with 10 but I upped it to 12 and as of December I have completed reading over 15 books, my final target.

    I have also recently decided to create a list called “Lifetime Reads” as in I plan to read them. The list is full of Classics like “Alice in Wonderland”, “Great Expectations”, “The portrait of Dorian Gray” and “Lord of the Rings”. The total number of books is 20.

    The problem is once to start looking into reading, you end up spending hours staring at reviews and adding new books to be read.


    Is it me or do you find since becoming a reader again; if you go to book sales you can’t help but pick up about 2-3 books. I work in a library and we have a running book sale & every time I go in there (twice a week) I end up looking for new books.

    They are all second hand, some rubbish quality but others obviously well loved & like new, plus the prices are so damn cheap -30p paperback & 50p hardback!

    What are YOUR opinions?

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    GoodReads Reading Challenge 2017.

    I am finally coming up to the end of my GoodReads Challenge in 2017.

    As you might have noticed I upped my amount of books to 15 as I went over 12 earlier in the year.

    This may seem quite small but it is because I am going from; A person who would not touch a book, in months, to; A girl who is now reading pretty much all my free time (when not sleeping, volunteering at a library – with free access to more books, learning a language or studying at home.)

    The reason I choose the GoodReads Challenge was that I needed the motivation to read again.

    I had the perfect opportunity to start from scratch and make a new blog . to try and encourage me to carry on going. I am now in about 4 groups on facebook dedicated to reading and blogging so I have the community around me now.

    How are you progressing with your Goodreads challenge? Are you happy reading? Do you feel more pressure to read within the book community because others are? Give me your thoughts and your responses to others!

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    Social Media anyone?

    I think Social Media is important for keeping in touch with friends and family but this generation would be lost & confused if the internet broke or 4G didn’t on our phones. Social Media is also used a lot in the blogging community to promote posts and connect with like minded people

    Social media is used for a lot of different things…

    To contact people, you can use Facebook. For your Job-searching, you can use LinkedIn to find employers, or they find you.We also use search engines such as Google and our emails daily without even batting an eye. You can create a brand with professionally made blogs, on sites such as WordPress.Com and Blogspot.

    Although sometimes I think people can share too much with others. We are all now at so much suc

    h risk of being victims of cyber-crime. With so much going on, we just need to be vigilant in keeping safe online – don’t give out personal data (such as addresses), use different passwords, etc. Don’t be caught out – keep safe!

    Here is a My Social Media: Twitter | Bookstagram | Goodreads | Facebook

    (DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. There are many different types of Social Media.

    Share your thoughts with me:

    Do you utilise social media well? Are you scared of Social Media? Do you only use social media for your blog? Is it a tool to keep in touch with friends & family?