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Libraries in 2018 (part 2)

I think this is an interesting topic. Do you use your library? As you might know, if you have been following my blog I volunteer at my local library. Some days I can’t wait to get home and other days I enjoy my time there. This is part 2 of my “series” talking about Libraries. Part 1 is here!

In the library, there are many things to do and it keeps you busy. There is looking for books and giving our books out to lend and keeping our costumers happy.

The library is so useful for people with a low income as they can borrow books for 3 weeks at a time for free. We as book bloggers and vloggers take for granted a lot that we can receive books without paying for them (although we are tied to making reviews – I understand that).

Some negatives to using a library card is 1. you do not own the books you read so can not add them to your shelves and 2. you can only have a few weeks to read a book before you are asked to return it – not a problem at under 300 pages long, a big problem at 600!

My personal experience with a library

Although I didn’t use the library until I volunteered there in 2017 I always as a child read books and I’m pretty sure my primary school borrowed books from the library (and still do!). As I hit my teens I was self-conscious and didn’tt read in secondary school except for English studies but bout 6 years ago at 21 years old I decided to start reading again and I have not looked back

Something to consider

As some people might be aware there has been series of closures around the UK, which has resulted in libraries such as my own have been demoted to “Community” libraries, This means we rely on the public and the library itself raising funds to keep it open. This month it is a year since the volunteers (like me) took over.

Do you use the library? Is there a local library near you? Has your library closed down? What would makee you go to your library? Share your opinions on libraries!

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