Social Media anyone?

I think Social Media is important for keeping in touch with friends and family but this generation would be lost & confused if the internet broke or 4G didn’t on our phones. Social Media is also used a lot in the blogging community to promote posts and connect with like minded people

Social media is used for a lot of different things…

To contact people, you can use Facebook. For your Job-searching, you can use LinkedIn to find employers, or they find you.We also use search engines such as Google and our emails daily without even batting an eye. You can create a brand with professionally made blogs, on sites such as WordPress.Com and Blogspot.

Although sometimes I think people can share too much with others. We are all now at so much suc

h risk of being victims of cyber-crime. With so much going on, we just need to be vigilant in keeping safe online – don’t give out personal data (such as addresses), use different passwords, etc. Don’t be caught out – keep safe!

Here is a My Social Media: Twitter | Bookstagram | Goodreads | Facebook

(DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. There are many different types of Social Media.

Share your thoughts with me:

Do you utilise social media well? Are you scared of Social Media? Do you only use social media for your blog? Is it a tool to keep in touch with friends & family?

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  • Darque Dreamer Reads

    Social media can be good and bad. It seems like we, as bloggers, connect better with social media, but social media can be a scary place, full of negativity too. Certain apps need to be used with care too. The Facebook app actually listens in on your conversations and watched what you search for on the internet. There have been cases where people have experimented by leaving their cell phones next to spanish radio stations and suddenly started getting ads in spanish on FB, and if you ever pay close attention, your FB ads will mirror what you recently googled. So, social media is nice when wanting to keep up to date with people and the times, but it can be a scary place too!

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