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    Update 2020-2022 … FINALLY!

    A new blog post… FINALLY. It’s been over a year, right? Maybe even 2 years. So here goes. An update… I am in the process of finding myself & purpose in life. I am thinking of starting up Yoga & meditation but I am still not sure how to go about it – as it’s all new to me. All I know is it’s meant to have many health benefits. I’ve also found over the past few years I have gained a few stone & lost some weight in lockdown but I have become more motivated to get fit & healthy which I want to do in the next few…

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    Short Poem called “2020”

    Winds blow swiftly in the breeze As the changes occur We are all changing, this year The world is slowly evolving And we are all blissfully aware One cries “WHAT HAPPENED?” As the rest continue to stare 2020 It’s over, too soon A new normal has arrived. By Danielle Mcdowall

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    COVID-19 and ME (in the UK, 2020)

    A blog post about the hell of the last year (2020) The last year has been hell for everyone.because of COVID-19. The blight of the whole world. “The modern plague”, “the death flu”, etc.. For those who are unaware of COVID-19 – it is a virus/infection that is airborne and can be transmitted by human to human connection in close contact. It started in China and 100s of thousands of people have got it, and over 50,000 have died from it. Many more have infected people with it. The official stats are still going up and it has spread worldwide. It is a deadly virus COVID-19 spread around the world…