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Social Media – Good thing or Bad?

Social Media is a high priority to anyone into blogging or other internet based ventures. It is such a success that if you hope to become well-known on the internet, Communities recommend you create multiple identities on sites such as Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter to get noticed.

Do you use Social Media often? Are you confused by Social Media?

Examples of how Social Media works you post on Instagram a photo with various comments relating to the photo. Food bloggers would have a photo of tasty and good-looking food, Fashion bloggers would have a photo shoot or pretty jewellery…etc. Underneath the photo will have “Hashtags” which relate to the photo such as “FoodofInstagram“.

This works if you have over 1,000+ followers, which means over 1,000 people will see your post and possibly share with their other social media or word of mouth – this gives the company in the photo publicity. The more followers you have the more chance a brand or company or place will work with you to create a post. This is because whoever is sponsoring the photo will hopefully get people to see and use the product.

I personally choose to delete my Instagram [I HAVE SINCE REMADE INSTAGRAMS – Aug, 2018] both personal and blog related. I didn’t have many followers and I didn’t see the point in putting out posts that no-one’s interested in. If no-one visits your Instagram for example and you have under 50 followers, is it worth keeping? I say no as I can invest my time in places where I am continuing to grow my brand (which is my blog).

I have decided to use my blog for posts and I will use my trusted personal Twitter profile to publicise all my blog posts. I use Twitter basically every day and I have a small but reasonable following over nearly 750 followers which is increasing all the time. This makes me happy to see.

I also tweet more popular accounts that I am getting familiar with to boost my tweets, give out advice and also I may get some new followers. As they are not new to Social Media & Blogging they have lots of useful advice to give to me. The best thing about the blogging community, in particular Twitter, is that people are friendly and there for whenever someone is struggling .

There are many different sides to social media. One pro of social media is having a possible career if you are good enough or motivated to create constant good content. One of the main negatives known is when random people on the internet tear you down or insult your content.

My aim for when I get above 1,000 Twitter followers is to create new contacts and be friendly to those who are new or struggling. Eventually I want to start giving advice on how to use Twitter but that’s for another blog post!


  • Kaitlyn Isabel

    Social Media is vital for building an online presence. Essentially if you’re not on the main platforms (FB, IG, Twitter etc.) you don’t really exist.

    Twitter is a fantastic platform to grow a blog, the community is so incredibly welcome and the conversation is a lot more engaged that I find on Instagram.

    I also see it as, go where people are. Most people spend a lot of time on social media so being where they are is so important to growing a brand and blog awareness.

    I feel like I could talk about this forever haha.

  • Jenn @ Bound to Writing

    I agree that social media is super important for bloggers to get their content out there. But social media is hard to understand, especially all of the many platforms out there. I currently have an Instagram for my blog, but am planning on closing it soon, because I just don’t get the traffic from there.

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