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Update 2020-2022 … FINALLY!

A new blog post… FINALLY. It’s been over a year, right? Maybe even 2 years.

So here goes. An update…

I am in the process of finding myself & purpose in life. I am thinking of starting up Yoga & meditation but I am still not sure how to go about it – as it’s all new to me. All I know is it’s meant to have many health benefits. I’ve also found over the past few years I have gained a few stone & lost some weight in lockdown but I have become more motivated to get fit & healthy which I want to do in the next few years!


So, what have I been up to over the last few years?

I’m going to split this into two blog posts, this one & one dedicated to events I’ve been to since the Covid lockdown ended. I’ve been to a few events over the last year but the main thing that happened to me was in July 2021 I broke my ankle and had to have surgery and learn to walk on it again. It’s 100% fixed now, but still plays up sometimes, by that I mean it gets stiff or painful occasionally.

Other than breaking my ankle in 2021, I managed my way through lockdown in 2020. Lockdown was a struggle for me a social bee who loved meeting up with friends regularly. Not being able to pop out for coffee or drinks and food was a nightmare. I did have one socially distanced meeting outside with my best friend. Also on the 75th anniversary of VE DAY, I celebrated in a street party with neighbors, obviously socially distanced but it was still fun with music drinks & dancing outside.

How did I cope with the lockdown? With friends who weren’t nearby or I couldn’t meet at that time. I relied on social media and video calling like Zoom, Google Meet & Facebook Video chat. Over Christmas time all of my friends got in a big group chat & organized a Christmas quiz with drinks, at home over Facebook Video. I was last at the quiz, I’m always rubbish at quizzes but it was great fun.

This may not seem like much as I struggled through the lockdown but also gained great memories too. Other than the ones mentioned already, there was; a clap for the NHS, Queues outside shops, face masks, and loads of other stuff. I managed to lose about a stone that year by going for long walks around the block & the local park.

Lockdown was a different time,
I don’t think it will ever happen again in my lifetime.

PART 2 (Events from 2020-22) COMING SOON, the link will be here once posted.

Take Care, Danielle

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