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    Adding film and TV reviews, in 2020

    Many of you may be wondering what this is about?

    I have been in blogging community for nearly four years now and enjoy every minute of it! I have also thought about expanding into the Film & TV via reviewing some content, both old and new. I love the Entertainment industry and would love to voice my opinions on what I’m watching.


    As this is no surprise I am one of the millions of on/off Netflix subscribers, which is a paid for subscription-based service online that you can access on smart boxes, TVs & portable devices. It shows both old and new content such tv & films with a fixed price a month for the whole service.


    I am a subscriber to NowTV which in essence is a cheaper version of the Sky brand that has no annual contract like Sky does. It has content which includes Movies and TV box sets.

    Taking a leap of faith

    As you are aware I have not ventured into reviewing Film & TV before other than my old Tumblr site. An interesting fact is that I posted a review on one of the Pirate of the Caribbean films, but that’s about it. Also 1 review on this blog last year.

    As you are my readers, I want to know whether you would be happy with me adding those two topics to my blog. I hope you can tell I’m nervous. Anyway, so I will post a few reviews from older DVDs and current TV shows on TV and go from there. If it is a success I will continue writing more reviews and if it doesn’t work out at least I’ve tried my best & I still have all different topics on this blog of course.

    Let me know in the comments how I’m doing and which reviews you like most.
    If you don’t comment on my blog please follow me on Twitter as I love discussions.

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    [FILM REVIEW] The Mummy Returns (2001)

    This is my review about the film The Mummy Returns – a sequel to The Mummy (1999). Although this film is not perfect, it is a good comedy which all the family will enjoy! Why not buy this film from Amazon Prime (UK) (Disclaimer: this is an affliate link).

    So what happens in the first 10 minutes?

    This film starts out as a battle between Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)’s character who is known at the Scorpion King. It shows his long walk through the desert and his semi-psychosis while his army tries to take over an Egyptian settlement.

    Flash forward to “modern” Egypt & hello Brendon Fraser! We know we are in for a fun ride and a good storyline. I believe Rachel Wiezz. who plays Evelyn, has a lot of chemistry between Brendon Fraser and Rachel has charisma which brings a lot of interest to the role.

    We are shown a scene where Rachel and her family of O’Connell & their son are exploring the hidden Egyptian caves, while a team of 100+ men are search for the “Book of the Dead” with the woman who became a reincarnation of Imhotep’s lover Anck-su-namun in the first film.

    Back in the O’Connell’s household everything is as normal but while mum and dad are talking, Rick and Evelyn’s son, Alex finds a special box which holds the Scorpion King’s bracelet. This bracelet has the power to show the wearer how get to a certain destination which unlocks the scorpion king’s powers. The creepy cult described above then turn up and all hell breaks loose while they search for the bracelet themselves and attack the family in the process. After that, the creepy cult capture Evelyn and that is where the fun (and drama) starts…

    What happens next, you’ll have to watch…

    This is a classic fiction film for all ages and one of my all time favourites. It follows a family who are in the 20th century trying to live a happy life but like to search for hidden Egyptian treasures. This film manages to keep the drama interesting but simple and has a lot of comedy moments. This would be classed as a family (comedy) drama with ancient history added in.

    This film has a lot of special effects throughout but they add to the film. The only problem is that sometimes the script can become a bit cheesy through comedy which can become a bit much. It is aimed at the younger audience and families with children.

    My favourite part is the last 10 minutes when the Scorpion King is back in the storyline after 2 hours of not being in the film. I obviously can’t spoil the ending but there is a battle between characters and a happy ending!

    I believe this is a solid sequel to the original that keeps faithful to the script. It is fun to watch and I would recommend this film to anyone who like children’s historical stories (in particular about ancient Egypt) and a good family drama. I have watched this film many times and I never get bored. Although it is a relatively old film – it stands the test of time. Believe it or not, this film is already over 15 years old and very well-known to everyone.

    Image was taken from moviemarker.co.uk)