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Adding film and TV reviews, in 2020

Many of you may be wondering what this is about?

I have been in blogging community for nearly four years now and enjoy every minute of it! I have also thought about expanding into the Film & TV via reviewing some content, both old and new. I love the Entertainment industry and would love to voice my opinions on what I’m watching.


As this is no surprise I am one of the millions of on/off Netflix subscribers, which is a paid for subscription-based service online that you can access on smart boxes, TVs & portable devices. It shows both old and new content such tv & films with a fixed price a month for the whole service.


I am a subscriber to NowTV which in essence is a cheaper version of the Sky brand that has no annual contract like Sky does. It has content which includes Movies and TV box sets.

Taking a leap of faith

As you are aware I have not ventured into reviewing Film & TV before other than my old Tumblr site. An interesting fact is that I posted a review on one of the Pirate of the Caribbean films, but that’s about it. Also 1 review on this blog last year.

As you are my readers, I want to know whether you would be happy with me adding those two topics to my blog. I hope you can tell I’m nervous. Anyway, so I will post a few reviews from older DVDs and current TV shows on TV and go from there. If it is a success I will continue writing more reviews and if it doesn’t work out at least I’ve tried my best & I still have all different topics on this blog of course.

Let me know in the comments how I’m doing and which reviews you like most.
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