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    September = School, right?

    So it’s September already. Well, technically it’s mid-September 2018. As far as I can remember September always reminded me of school. Even now it still does. September in my head always reminds me of that “back to school” vibe that everyone in the blogging community uses year after year, well here’s my version…

    As a library volunteer with a library next to a school that often uses our services, it dawns on me when school is open & closed. We very often see the classes from the school come into the library to collect their books for the term, normally there is a theme such as animals or trains that the classes have chosen for the year.

    I see a lot of children pass through the library with parents also & we tend to have a reading challenge in the summer so that children don’t stop reading or struggle when going back to school in the autumn.

    I am a great believer in learning but struggle myself. I haven’t got a learning difficulty but I find it very hard to study for more than a few months at a time & keep concentration. In the past, I have quit 2 courses & failed one before. How I manage to continue blogging over a year later, is a miracle but this blog is my favourite past-time.

    Anyway back to school (haha, see what I did there? No? Never mind!). I believe that September is a month of change; the new school year (which makes me think I can start afresh). Also, it’s the time when the season is changing soon, with the cooler weather – I’m all for it, after this ridiculous 2018 UK Summer heatwave.

    How do you feel about the month of September? Do you get that back to school vibe even if you have no children (maybe they are a part of your job?) Also are you looking forward to the Autumn & the weather it brings?
    Write in the comments below.

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    …borrowing library books?

    Borrowing books from the library is a relatively new concept to me. I have always been someone who has always bought books either from charities or bookstores. I also like ordering books online and receiving them, however that way you can’t judge size or whether you will enjoy it.

    In a library and book shopping in stores you can scan through a book judge it’s length and decide whether you like it unlike online when you need to guess unless you have already seen it somewhere.

    The library is handy if you are a speed reader and go through books quickly as you only borrow a book for 3 weeks at a time. You can renew books via the phone and now internet. A library book means you save up from £3-20 borrowing a book (as long as you don’t get an overdue fine!!)

    I have volunteered at my library (post here) for over a year now, i have been borrowing books all the time. It takes roughly a week to receive a book; if it is not from your closest library. as they have a postal system where 6 local libraries transfer books around the area for members to borrow.

    I would highly recommend you check out your local library if you can’t afford to buy the latest book out. It takes roughly 2 months for a book to come into a library after being published and if it’s a popular author there could be waiting lists to borrow the book. I would still choose to do this.

    Please note that a lot of libraries in the UK are closing down or being run by volunteers like me.
    This is due is lack of funding. If you see an event by you
    r local library – please support it!

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    Library Volunteering: 1 YEAR ON.

    As you might be able to tell from the title I have now been a library volunteer locally for over a year and what a year its been. I have had my ups and downs but overall helping out has been a good experience & I aim to carry on for another year…

    Meeting new people

    In a library, it is impossible to go a shift without seeing and greeting new people. They are either regular members of the library or new-comers. Sometimes you bump into people you know outside the library and start a conversation and get distracted. I love chatting to members about books and how their life is going.

    Reading new authors:

    Being in a library you see lots of books being checked in and out, you start out a conversation with the member; get to asking “whats your favourite author or series?” and create a list of of new books or old favourites, then you go and read the synopsis and see if its something you would like to read yourself. I have found lots of new book series and authors this way.

    Getting involved in the Book Community & creating this Blog:

    Because of my volunteering, I got the confidence to create this blog and run it 100% myself, with technical help from my good friend Matthew. This blog has become an outlet for all my library wonderings and get the word out about libraries closing. The library also inspired me as a blogger as I write reviews for books I read and I also now get requests from publishers and authors who would like honest reviews online which makes me feel proud.

    Do you use your local library? Has your library closed down?
    Do you prefer to own books rather than borrow?
    Tell me WHY in the comments below.

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    Libraries in 2018 (part 2)

    I think this is an interesting topic. Do you use your library? As you might know, if you have been following my blog I volunteer at my local library. Some days I can’t wait to get home and other days I enjoy my time there. This is part 2 of my “series” talking about Libraries. Part 1 is here!

    In the library, there are many things to do and it keeps you busy. There is looking for books and giving our books out to lend and keeping our costumers happy.

    The library is so useful for people with a low income as they can borrow books for 3 weeks at a time for free. We as book bloggers and vloggers take for granted a lot that we can receive books without paying for them (although we are tied to making reviews – I understand that).

    Some negatives to using a library card is 1. you do not own the books you read so can not add them to your shelves and 2. you can only have a few weeks to read a book before you are asked to return it – not a problem at under 300 pages long, a big problem at 600!

    My personal experience with a library

    Although I didn’t use the library until I volunteered there in 2017 I always as a child read books and I’m pretty sure my primary school borrowed books from the library (and still do!). As I hit my teens I was self-conscious and didn’tt read in secondary school except for English studies but bout 6 years ago at 21 years old I decided to start reading again and I have not looked back

    Something to consider

    As some people might be aware there has been series of closures around the UK, which has resulted in libraries such as my own have been demoted to “Community” libraries, This means we rely on the public and the library itself raising funds to keep it open. This month it is a year since the volunteers (like me) took over.

    Do you use the library? Is there a local library near you? Has your library closed down? What would makee you go to your library? Share your opinions on libraries!

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    Libraries in 2018 (part 1)

    A library is an old idea which has been around for centuries. It hold books and recently since the 21st century DVDs and Audio books (tapes & CDs). It is a place where both young or old gather for their love of books & reading. It is a place anyone can go & not be judged. – (tweet this quote)



    In a library there is the Non-Fiction which house books on subjects from DIY to Cooking to Mental Health guides and everything in-between. It is the section for those of us who want to gather new knowledge.

    In the library there is the Fiction section. This is where the magic happens. You get transported into alternate realities, face dragons and queens, sometimes you even help solve crimes.


    The other side of the building is for children This is split into fiction & non-fiction.

    Children’s non-fiction includes topics such as history and how animals are born and live. It is a wonderful place where children’s brains are constantly engaged and active.

    The children fiction is a place for fantasies and fun. It is where after a hard day in school they can switch off and read a classic Jacqueline Wilson book or the newest David Walliams book. There are so many books to choose from that it is nearly impossible for a them to decide.

    Picture Books

    There are also books for the youngest library members, the toddlers. There are over 100 books to choose from to keep their minds active. These are the picture books and short and full of pretty designs that engage with the child and the parents who read to them.

    My experience

    As I grew up I loved reading but after I hit high school I decided that reading books wasn’t cool enough and reading was for old people and children. I would read occasionally when no-one was around and when I went home but reading in my teens lost it’s mojo.

    Fast forward 15 years and I joined the local library in 2017. I am still amazed by how many people go there from all ages. I decided after careful consideration that I should start reading again. I forgot how much I loved choosing a book, how I felt after I finished and how enjoyable reading is.

    My recommendation

    I am now unofficially an advocate for reading and for libraries. Everywhere I go and whenever I meet up with friends I like to discuss my latest book I’m reading or which place is the best to get a cheap book if the library doesn’t have the book.

    I love going shopping sometimes as I get to check the book section. The best sellers at half price or the new releases to see if my favourite authors got a new book out.

    I can’t stress enough how important reading is to all ages. It’s not only a hobby it keeps your mind active and some people use reading as a stress reliever after a hard day or week in work.

    Go to your local library and please support them!

    Not many people are aware of this but government cuts have left many libraries struggling to keep open. Just one more person (that’s you!) could be the difference between a library shutting its doors for the last time or staying open for the public for another year.

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    Finally part of the LIBRARY

    Right, this is about teamwork.

    I guess you might have noticed I am writing some of my blog posts in advance. I am about to today go on my first training session to do with the new IT system our local libraries are all using from next week. I have also been shown how to open up the library, how cool!

    Basically, this is just me checking in saying how I am feeling about the place I work. Yes it’s working for free but I don’t care, it’s my workplace.

    Now, I’m starting to see myself get more responsibilities & trust from my co-workers and that’s great. Since the last week or so I’ve finally started to feel like maybe I should stay a while & treat it like a real job!

    For those of you who read my previous post. the book sale was a great success and it gave me chance to get my head around the till and serving customers more. I also myself picked up two books. It instigated me into thinking that I might start looking through charity shops for bargain buys!