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    Many of you may be wondering what this is about? I have been in blogging community for nearly four years now and enjoy every minute of it! I have also thought about expanding into the Film & TV via reviewing some content, both old and new. I love the Entertainment industry and would love to voice my opinions on what I’m watching. NETFLIX As this is no surprise I am one of the millions of on/off Netflix subscribers, which is a paid for subscription-based service online that you can access on smart boxes, TVs & portable devices. It shows both old and new content such tv & films with a…

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    [REVIEW] “His Dark Materials” – My Favourite show of 2019.

    As you can imagine by the title this is going to be a review of my favourite TV series this year. I can’t describe how good this show is from the scenery, the actors, and the script. It was perfect. BBC TV show details: view here. The actors were perfect in their roles, Not only did we see lyra’s spirit and determination shine through with the young actress playing her. Her speech sounded exactly as how I read it all those years ago when it was first released in paperback. Mrs Coulter’s actress showed her hardness being crushed, her under-lying meanness and how vulnerable she was underneath her hard exterior.…