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Recipe #1: (v) Garlic Mushrooms & sauce


  • 5 medium sized mushrooms.
  • Half a mug of full fat milk
  • 2 table spoons of olive or vegetable oil
  • A table spoon of garlic flakes (or 3 garlic cloves)
  • A table spoon of Worcester sauce
  • Salt & black pepper (alter to your taste)

Time to prepare: 5 minutes – Cooking time: 15 minutes


  1. Turn large frying pan on full heat until hot.
  2. While pan is heating up, chop garlic clove finely
  3. Add garlic & oil to pan & stir until golden or translucent
  4. While garlic is cooking, slice mushrooms into 1inch wide chunks
  5. Add mushrooms to pan and fry for 8 minutes, until fully cooked through
  6. While mushrooms are frying, add milk gradually until there is a sauce
  7. Add half a teaspoon of Worcester sauce & season with salt n pepper
  8. Turn the heat down low or off and put a plate over the pan for 3 mins .
  9. Leave the pan to cool and food to simmer
  10. Serve direct to a bowl or plate from pan

Note: Please alter times to suit your preferences.**

I hope you enjoy this meal and if you liked it I will add more recipes to my blog. If you’ve tried this meal – please tell me in the comments below! Thanks!

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