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…borrowing library books?

Borrowing books from the library is a relatively new concept to me. I have always been someone who has always bought books either from charities or bookstores. I also like ordering books online and receiving them, however that way you can’t judge size or whether you will enjoy it.

In a library and book shopping in stores you can scan through a book judge it’s length and decide whether you like it unlike online when you need to guess unless you have already seen it somewhere.

The library is handy if you are a speed reader and go through books quickly as you only borrow a book for 3 weeks at a time. You can renew books via the phone and now internet. A library book means you save up from £3-20 borrowing a book (as long as you don’t get an overdue fine!!)

I have volunteered at my library (post here) for over a year now, i have been borrowing books all the time. It takes roughly a week to receive a book; if it is not from your closest library. as they have a postal system where 6 local libraries transfer books around the area for members to borrow.

I would highly recommend you check out your local library if you can’t afford to buy the latest book out. It takes roughly 2 months for a book to come into a library after being published and if it’s a popular author there could be waiting lists to borrow the book. I would still choose to do this.

Please note that a lot of libraries in the UK are closing down or being run by volunteers like me.
This is due is lack of funding. If you see an event by you
r local library – please support it!


  • Never Not Reading

    My library started doing this thing where they record the cost of the book you borrow, and then each trip they tell you how much money you saved! I’m up to like, $250 for the year or something. (impressive considering I only borrow usually during summer vacation, lol)

    • Danielle

      That is such a clever idea. I may pass that on to my other volunteers I work with and see what’s happens. I must be about £200 this year I’ve saved using that idea! ????????

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