[REVIEW] Harry Potter 2 (&tCoS)

Nearly everyone is aware of Harry Potter. This week marks the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter & Chamber of Secrets being published.

This is my review on the second book in the Harry Potter series and hopefully will not encounter too many spoilers. It is a solid sequel to book number one and is a reread for me, over 10 years later.

This book takes off from the first in the series as we follow Harry through his summer holidays and 2nd year at Hogwarts. It has quite a few familiar faces and a few new ones.

This book is a children’s classic that is well-known throughout Europe, UK & America and other places, for both its film series and books. It has been made popular everywhere.

My favourite character to read about is Dobby. He causes mayhem throughout the book but is kind with a sassy attitude (when not beating literally himself up!) Also he looks out for Harry when no-one else seems to.

My least favourite character to read about was the Dursleys are they are repulsive and luckily don’t feature much in this adventure… but when they do, they are horrible to our hero Harry.

This book is a fun read but the themes of the book are slightly more mature than the first in the Harry Potter series. I am looking forward to continuing my re-reading of the complete 7 book series and I know the series not only gets longer but darker and more sinster in each book.

Would I recommend this book? Of course. Any age can read this book from young children to the elderly.

Do you like this series? Are you celebrating the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter? What is your favourite book & characters in the series? Please write your thoughts in the comments below

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