My cousin went to Rome – why I’m jealous

A few months ago I found out my favourite cousin went to Rome. I’m going to tell you why I got jealous & what I plan to do to change it. It’s not all bad, honest!

When I found out that my cousin (unnamed) went to Rome, I got excited and started sending her cool phases in Italian that I thought would be useful. I thought she would tell me all about the tourist attractions and where to or not go!

Although she was polite when we spoke next she didn’t tell me anything about her travels… I started to get jealous. Why couldn’t I go instead? I’m the one who has been learning Italian right? shouldn’t I go? (damn expired not-used passport!).

This is when I realised that everyone around me is doing whatever they like! Whether it be children, marriage, moving in together or just travelling the world. And I am stuck in a rut where I haven’t done anything spectacular in, well, EVER.

I started to think to myself… what is on MY bucket list? what do I want to do with my life? Why have I never been travelling? I finally came up with a solution which I thought about before and here it is…

In my 30’s, I want to travel around Europe, in particular, I want to visit all over Italy, Sicily and some of France. I also want to visit Canada and maybe other places. I want to settle down with someone, be bi-lingual in English (mother tongue) and Italian, emigrate to Italy (if I find a city I love!) with a long-term partner (if I find one?) and find a job I am happy with. If I start a family, that’s great, but I’m not fussed myself.

That’s not too much to ask for before I’m 40 right??

let me know what your plans are for the next 10 more years. Do you think my plan is possible? …also can you recommend some interesting places in Italy & Sicily to visit – not the usual: Veneto, Florenza, Napoli o Roma!

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